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Prepare for the Game

Once you've secured your position, a Players Pack will be posted to you, covering all aspects of the Football Aid Event, ensuring you are fully prepared for your big day.

We'll also e-mail you in the run up to the event to keep you informed of everything you need to know as your Live the Dream day approaches. This information is sent to the e-mail address you register with so please remember to update any changes to your contact details in your User Account.

Included below is a selection of the important information you may wish to know in the build up to the game:

PLAYING KIT - It is Football Aid's intention to provide you with a personalised official Club (or International Team) strip for the match day. The Home team will be wearing the Club's Home strip and the Away team wears one of the Club's Away strips. If due to unforeseen circumstances, official strips are unavailable, Football Aid reserves the right to supply an alternative kit of it's choosing.

To ensure Football Aid are able to secure the large quantities of strips required for our match days, we must bulk order strips well in advance from the suppliers. We have to do this well before the identity of our players is known, therefore we must order a single size only that will be suitable for the majority of our players and this size is usually Extra Large (XL).

Please Note: We are unable to exchange these XL strips for alternative sizes, however it might be possible for you to purchase your own different sized shirt and send it to us, so we can personalise it and bring it along to the game for you to wear instead. If you'd like to discuss this option further then please Contact Us.

SPECTATORS - While we can't organise a 40,000-strong Home crowd chanting your name, you can have a select group of your friends and family cheering you on from the stands.

Tickets are available at a cost of £5 per ticket and the numbers available are displayed in the Ticket Allocation section on the Event page. Numbers are limited due to the capacity of the hospitality areas we use on the day, however extra tickets could be made available on request if other players don't take up their full allocation.

To order your Spectator Tickets please follow the instructions below:


Complete the top part of the 'Ticket Order Form' (which will be sent in your Player's Pack) and send it to the address below. Please include a Stamped Envelope with your Address on it (SAE) and a Cheque payable to "Football Aid Trading Ltd" for the amount due (please also write your name and game details on the back of the Cheque). On receiving your order we’ll post the tickets to you in the SAE.

Player Services
Football Aid, 9-11 Maritime Street,
Edinburgh, EH6 6SB

We recommend placing your order at least 2-4 weeks in advance of the match to ensure you receive your tickets in time.


You can also pay for your Tickets online here - www.footballaid.com/donate/form

A) IF YOU WANT TICKETS TO BE POSTED - Choose 'Payment Type = Guest Ticket', include a description (e.g. 'Celtic G1: Tickets x 5 (To be Posted)' in the 'Additional Information' field) and make payment online. Tickets cost £5 each and please add £2 to the total amount paid to cover the costs of Postage and Packaging. When we receive your payment we’ll post the tickets to your card address.

B) IF YOU WANT TO COLLECT TICKETS ON THE DAY OF THE GAME - Choose 'Payment Type' = Guest Ticket, include a description (e.g. 'Celtic G1: Tickets x 5 (Collect on Day)' in the 'Additional Information' field) and make payment online. Tickets cost £5 each, please print out a copy of your WorldPay confirmation e-mail and take that along to the game, or ask your spectators to take it along themselves. We’ll then be able to hand over the tickets to yourself, or your spectators, when you arrive. If you can't print a copy of your payment confirmation you can just show us the e-mail on your mobile phone instead.

- Note 1) Children 5 years of age and under gain free entry to the Football Aid events (without a ticket) and children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by another adult spectator.

- Note 2) If you (or any of your guests) have any specific requirements that might affect your (or their) access to the stadium, please notify us well in advance of the day in order that suitable arrangements can be made with the club.

CAPTAIN'S ARM BAND - We’ll hold a Blind Bid Auction for the Captains’ Armbands, with the highest bidder winning the right to lead their team out onto the hallowed turf. Details on how to bid will be e-mailed to all our players a few weeks before the match.

MASCOTS - You’ll also have the opportunity to nominate someone to be your team's Mascot for the day. The lucky winners (one Mascot per team) will be drawn out of a hat and will get the chance to share a part of your big day as you run out onto your Field of Dreams. Details on the nomination process will be e-mailed to all our players a few weeks before the match.

MAN OF THE MATCH - No football game would be complete without a Man of the Match award! Players and Spectators will be invited to a post-match presentation in the hospitality area where special Football Aid trophies will be awarded to the Man of the Match (1 x Player from each team) and Moment of the Match winners. The Legends/Managers and any other qualified observers will be the adjudicators in this instance.

MATCH FITNESS - We always like to say that Football Aid Matches are open to players of all ages (over 18), all levels of footballing ability and all levels of fitness. Therefore all we ask is that you are sufficiently fit enough to play and enjoy the time you pay for, whether that be 45mins or 90mins.

INSURANCE AND INJURY - Whilst first aid professionals will be in attendance at all Football Aid matches, under our terms and conditions no liability falls to Football Aid or the Club in the event of personal injury to guests and players. Therefore you are advised to consider making personal arrangements for insurance cover. We have an affiliate arrangement with SportsCover Direct Insurance, a leading sports, leisure and travel insurance firm, who offer appropriate one-day cover. Each policy taken out delivers a small financial benefit to Football Aid, please click the logo below for more information -

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