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Our most recent Heart of Midlothian game was due to be played at Tynecastle Park in May 2020, however it had to be re-scheduled due to the Covid-19 restrictions in the UK.

We remain in communication with the club as we look to confirm a re-scheduled date for our game and as soon as we get an update we'll e-mail all our players and post full details here. Selected positions are likely to be made available again when the game is re-arranged and you can see full details on the Hearts Game 1 page in the Upcoming Fixtures.

If you're interested in Living the Dream at Tynecastle Park and you'd like to be kept informed when positions go back on sale then make sure and REGISTER on the website or e-mail us at info@footballaid.com.

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Player Stories

Superb day and I loved every moment. Your team are absolutely brilliant at looking after everyone and going out of your way to make the events the best they can possibly be. Thank you once again!

Kevan Wright
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Hearts 2016 Home Team
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Football Aid 2016

Our 2016 game at Tynecastle was a hugely enjoyable event for all involved and we'd like to say a massive thanks again to all our Hearts fans for their excellent efforts on the hallowed turf.

You can check out Match Reports from our previous games below and see official photographs in our Image Gallery.

History & Background

Heart of Midlothian were a hugely popular signing back in 2001, with the Jam Tarts faithful lining up to play alongside Legends Gary MacKay and John Robertson at Tynecastle on the 27th May. Fellow Scotland International Alan McLaren made his Football Aid debut the following season and was a regular fixture in our early years and a host of other Jambos' favourites have supported our games, with the likes of Stephen Frail, Jimmy Sandison, Scott Crabbe, Brian McNaughton, Alan Lawrence, Steven Boyack, Dave McPherson and Walter Borthwick all involved in the hugely enjoyable games at Tynecastle.

Our games are organised in association with the club's official charity Big Hearts and we're extremely privileged to have their valuable support.



Charities funded

Football Aid could certainly be described as a game of two halves. On one side we’re fulfilling fans’ lifelong ambitions to grace the hallowed turf at the club they support. At the same time, we’ve raised significant funds for a host of charity and community projects on a regional, national and international scale. This perfect balance is changing lives, making dreams come true and benefiting the beautiful game. To learn more about Football Aid and our parent charity Field of Dream please visit our About Us page.