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Football Aid 2018 - Goal of the Season Competition

 Sit back and enjoy the fantastic contenders for the ‘Football Aid 2018 - Goal of the Season’ competition...

Now that you’ve seen the contenders, why not use your expert footballing knowledge to win a position in one of the Football Aid 2020 matches. The format of the competition couldn’t be simpler, just choose your top 3 goals (in ranking order, with the best goal 1st), and if your choices match that of our expert judge - Pat Nevin - you could win yourself a position in #FootballAid20!

To enter, please send an e-mail to – competitions@footballaid.com - with the following information >>

WINNING GOALS (List 3 Goals) =
YOUR CHOSEN CLUB(S) (From our participating Clubs) =

Goal of the Season 2018 Contenders

Goal A - Blackburn Rovers - Ashley Mason
Goal B - Blackburn Rovers - Elliott Cromarty
Goal C - Brighton & Hove Albion - Trevor Hobbs
Goal D - Bristol City - Joe Hylands
Goal E - Bristol City - James Gasson
Goal F - Celtic (G2) - Courtney McCormick
Goal G - Chelsea - Mitch While
Goal H - Derby County - Emanuele Fratini
Goal I - England vs Rep Ireland - Paul Harrison
Goal J - England vs Italy - Daniel Geey
Goal K - England vs Italy - Alex Veitch
Goal L - Everton - Pascual Ciampi
Goal M - Leicester City - Gogs Gogna
Goal N - Manchester United - Shah Rizuan Mohamad Shaari
Goal O - QPR (G1) - Ali Candler
Goal P - QPR (G2) - Martin Jamieson
Goal Q - Sheffield United - James Munson
Goal R - Sheffield United - David Cope
Goal S - Southampton - Jack Sharpe
Goal T - Southampton - Michael Lee
Goal U - Southampton - Emanuele Tamburrini
Goal V - Stoke City - Nathan Moore

The winner of the ‘Football Aid 2018 - Goal of the Season’ competition will be chosen from the entrants whose choice of goals matches our expert judge’s choice. If there's more than one matching entry Football Aid will draw the winner at random from all the matching entries and if there are no exact matches the entry with the closest match will win.

Please Note: The actual scorer of the winning Goal of the Season will be presented with a special engraved trophy after the results are announced.

Football Aid Goal of the Season Competition - Terms and Conditions

In accordance with FA regulations on single-sex games, the names put forward as competition entrants must be Male and 18 years of age or over.

The prize is a 45 minute position in a 90 minute charity football match at one of Football Aid’s participating clubs (please see our Play page for details of participating clubs). We reserve the right to offer a position at an alternative game from your 1st choice club, therefore you may wish to list more than one chosen club.  

Competition Winner Requirements

Once the winner has been chosen they will be contacted by Football Aid and asked to:

* Register online at www.footballaid.com (if they haven’t done so already) and agree to Football Aid's Terms and Conditions. Football Aid will then process their winning position and send a Player’s Pack (containing full details of the event) by way of confirmation. They will then receive information updates by e-mail as the match approaches.

The competition runs until 12pm on Thursday 9th January 2020 and the judge’s decision will be final; no correspondence will be entered into with regards to the result.

All the footage for the competition was generously edited and provided by our official matchday DVD providers Chillpics. Official matchday DVDs of our games can be ordered by calling Shane on tel - 07306 789002 or e-mail - swchillpics@gmail.com.