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Grant Management

The following are eligible for consideration for a grant award:

Diabetes Related Projects

  • Properly constituted Medical Research Charities.
  • Properly constituted and recognised Medical Research Institutions.
  • Properly constituted Charitable Organisations whose purpose is to support people with diabetes.

Nominated charities of partner Clubs and Football Leagues

  • Charities that are officially recognised and sponsored at the time of grant application.
  • These organisations must be properly constituted not-for-profit organisations, including self-help groups, voluntary organisations and registered charities.


  • Field of Dreams will not consider applications for a grant from private individuals.
  • Grants will not be awarded for unspecified expenditure, deficit funding or the repayment of loans.
  • Grants will not be made for the relief of statutory responsibilities.
  • Grants will not usually be given for endowment funds.

Assessment and Reporting

As Field of Dreams is responsible for the distribution of funds raised by Football Aid's annual programme and other associated fundraising activities, they have an obligation to ensure due diligence in management and use of funds.

A straightforward process of application, assessment/verification and award has been devised to achieve this. All applications for a grant from Field of Dreams are subject to a process to assess the validity of the application and its compatibility with Field of Dreams/ Football Aid objectives. Assessors report to Field of Dreams' Board of Directors but have no decision-making powers.

All grant awards are accompanied with Standard Terms and Conditions including a Grant Report Form, which covers the award. Additionally, in some instances, Field of Dreams may ask beneficiaries to undertake to monitor and evaluate how the award has been used. In the Report, Field of Dreams look for evidence of expenditure and the progress made, e.g. records, surveys, user feedback, etc.

The grant-making policies and procedures are designed to enable Field of Dreams to be effective and accountable in its activities, and to be seen as such in the eyes of their partners. The charity is beginning to reap the benefits of setting the system up this way, and clubs are now seeking Field of Dreams' input to their charity relations' activities.