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Our Bristol City match was played at Ashton Gate on Friday 21st May 2021 (ko 11:00am).

The game was another hugely enjoyable event for all involved, we'd like to say a massive thanks again to all our Robins fans for their excellent efforts on the pitch and club coach Alex Ball and Legend Colin Cramb who were on hand to play in the game and share their expert experience.

We hope to make positions for Football Aid 2022 available for sale in August/September 2021 and this year's players would usually receive 1st notification by e-mail when they go live. If you didn't play this season and would like to be notified when the game goes live then make sure and REGISTER NOW or e-mail us at with details of the games you're interested in.

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Bristol City Game 1

Ashton Gate Stadium

Fri, 21 May, 2021


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Player Stories

As a football fan and as a player who never really made it at any senior level, the opportunity that you have made available is simply a dream come true with the added bonus of supporting charity. From actually walking into the dressing room and seeing the kit laid out, provision of drinks, access to the players area and to the Legends; simply brilliant!

Paddy Armstrong
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Bristol City 2018 Home Team
Bristol City 2018 Walkout
Bristol City 2018 Action2
Bristol City 2018 Action2

Football Aid 2018

Our 1st ever game at Ashton Gate was a hugely enjoyable event for all involved and we'd like to say a massive thanks again to all players and the Playing Legends Scott Murray and Colin Cramb for their fantastic efforts on the hallowed turf.

You can check out Match Reports below and official photographs in our Image Gallery.

History & Background

We were delighted to host our 1st ever game at Ashton Gate - home of Bristol City FC - on the 17th May 2018. The game was certainly worth the wait, with the Away team coming out on top 5-7 in a terrific end-to-end encounter that also featured Robins Legends Scott Murray and Colin Cramb!

The event proved hugely popular with all the players involved and we look forward to allowing Robins fans the chance to Live the Dream at Ashton Gate again soon. 




Football Aid could certainly be described as a game of two halves. On one side we’re fulfilling fans’ lifelong ambitions to grace the hallowed turf at the club they support. At the same time, we’ve raised significant funds for a host of charity and community projects on a regional, national and international scale. This perfect balance is changing lives, making dreams come true and benefiting the beautiful game. To learn more about Football Aid and our parent charity Field of Dream please visit our About Us page.