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Wolverhampton Wanderers - Matt Barker

So on Thursday 9th May 2019 was my 6th appearance at Wolves and besides the result probably my best one yet and here are the reasons why.

Next weekend (19th) I will be 40 years old, I thought I would play no more but the lure of this experience is so addictive I couldn’t turn it down.

My daughter was chosen to be mascot and my other 2 children were in attendance, they were sitting in The North Bank where our personal season tickets are located.
Although we were losing the game, another dream came true, I managed to score a goal in front of my children in the end where they were sitting.

Playing at Molineux, the club I love, my daughter mascot, scoring a goal in front of my children, into the stand where we sit every single home game....Dreams became a reality.

All this would not be possible without Football Aid, for that I thank you. 2020 I’ll be back... this time with my eldest son too!

Matt Barker (2019 Home Team)