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Man Utd 2017

Our Man Utd players were extremely excited as they arrived at Old Trafford on a bright Monday morning and they certainly channeled all that excitement into their play, with the watching fans treated to an end to end 13 goal thriller!

Date: Monday 29th May 2017
Venue: Old Trafford
Manchester United (Home) vs Manchester United (Away)
Kick Off: 10:15 am
Legends & Managers: Denis Law & Danny Webber
Match Officials: Luke Watson, Chris Ward, Drew Dutton & Jack Hall

A full Match Report will appear here soon.

Full Time: Manchester United (Home) 5 - 8 Manchester United (Away)

Man of the Match Home: No.7 Richard Bowers
Man of the Match Away: No.9 David Large
Moment of the Match: No.11 William Williams

Home Team: John Wall, Brian Donne, Danny Webber (1st Half), Michael Basger, Gavin Robertson, Jay Eaton, Richard Bowers, Andrew Roylance, Peter Yavuz, Oliver Donne, Raden Ahmad Faizal Yaakob (C), Dean McAuley, Kevin Maree, Adam Feigin, Alan Baird
Home Manager: Denis Law 
Home Mascot: Gabriel Feigin, Gabriel Bowers

Away Team: Anthony Hughes, Danny Webber (2nd Half), John Friery, Daniel Santos-Costa, Pete Royle, David Phelan, Mark Thursby, David Large,
Andrew Jones, William Williams (C), Luiz Ferreira, Issa Berjaoui, J. Anderson-Jolag,
Joakim Asplund
Away Mascot: Kian Entwhistle

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