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Leeds United - Neal Dawson

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to the Football Aid team for putting on an amazing day at Leeds (United) on Monday 20th May.

From start to finish it was a great day, really well organised, and the sun even came out, who would have thought that a 10:00 ko in Leeds would have had a risk of dehydration attached to it!!!

A great club, I will send an email to Leeds but the staff we met there were all great.  Just standing and reading the history of the club and the ups and downs it’s been through reminds you just how “real” it remains.  They strive to be a part of the community and the ground and people there make you feel like it’s a good honest club, just a down to earth proper club.

I loved the day, it was my third outing, with Leicester (City) to come on Thursday night, and will do a couple of games again next year.

Any way thanks again, I wouldn’t change anything about the day, just an amazing experience, and there’s something even better about being at a club where the stands haven’t really changed since the heroes of old played there.  Quality club, so pleased I made the trip, it took 5 ½ hours to get back to Bristol & I smiled all the way home!!!

Neal Dawson (2019 Away Team)