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Football Aid 2018 - Goal of the Season Results

With all the goals analysed and the competition entries checked, we’re now able to announce the results of the Football Aid 2018 - Goal of the Season competition!

The winning goals, chosen by expert judge Pat Nevin, are listed in reverse order below (Pat's comments are in quotes) -  

5th - Goal S - Southampton - Jack Sharpe
“A long-range shot, but he took his time and didn’t thump it hopefully. He looked up, visualised it like a fine golf shot and clipped it into the top corner. Cool Celebration too, as if this is the sort of thing he does every day!”

4th - Goal O - QPR (G1) - Ali Candler
“I am often tempted by the good moves and this one went the length of the pitch with a very cool finish to round it off. Ali gets the plaudits but it is a team goal, which considering most of these lads might have just met up for the first time just before the game, is hugely impressive.”

3rd - Goal B - Blackburn Rovers - Elliott Cromarty
“Elliot wins the ball himself on the half way line, beats four players and plays a one-two before slipping it in the corner with all the composure of an international centre forward. I always look for moments that would not look out of place in a top level professional game and that finish was exquisite after a long dribble.”

2nd: Goal N - Manchester United - Shah Rizuan Mohamad Shaari
“Shah, nearly won this seasons competition and indeed I had him in first place for a while. He shows magnificent balance and speed while he skillfully slices through the defence like the proverbial knife through butter. The finish is cool and deadly when he gets through, it is a dream goal at the Theatre of Dreams.”

WINNER: Goal G - Chelsea - Mitch While
"One of the best goals scored at Stamford Bridge that season and I watched them All! This time Mitch wins it in his own half and beats five players, which just shades Elliot and Shah for first place because the only beat thee and four players! The finish again is top quality because there is a dummy and importantly, he slows down and composes himself when he gets in front of goal. Only good players do that! Superb goal and a very worthy winner.”

We’d like to send our huge congratulations to Goal of the Season 2018 winner Mitch While, his incredible solo effort was a thoroughly deserving winner. Mitch will receive the coveted Goal of the Season trophy as a reward for his outstanding achievement.

The winner of our prediction competition was David Willey, who wins himself the top prize of a free position in our 2020 games.

Thanks to everybody who entered the competition and huge congratulations to all of our tremendous Goal of the Season contenders for providing us such a fantastic standard of goals to choose from.

Look out for the 2019 Goal of the Season competition coming soon!

Full List of the Goal of the Season 2018 Contenders

Goal A - Blackburn Rovers - Ashley Mason
Goal B - Blackburn Rovers - Elliott Cromarty
Goal C - Brighton & Hove Albion - Trevor Hobbs
Goal D - Bristol City - Joe Hylands
Goal E - Bristol City - James Gasson
Goal F - Celtic (G2) - Courtney McCormick
Goal G - Chelsea - Mitch While
Goal H - Derby County - Emanuele Fratini
Goal I - England vs Rep Ireland - Paul Harrison
Goal J - England vs Italy - Daniel Geey
Goal K - England vs Italy - Alex Veitch
Goal L - Everton - Pascual Ciampi
Goal M - Leicester City - Gogs Gogna
Goal N - Manchester United - Shah Rizuan Mohamad Shaari
Goal O - QPR (G1) - Ali Candler
Goal P - QPR (G2) - Martin Jamieson
Goal Q - Sheffield United - James Munson
Goal R - Sheffield United - David Cope
Goal S - Southampton - Jack Sharpe
Goal T - Southampton - Michael Lee
Goal U - Southampton - Emanuele Tamburrini
Goal V - Stoke City - Nathan Moore

All the footage for the competition was generously edited and provided by our official matchday DVD providers Chillpics. Official matchday DVDs of our games can be ordered by calling Shane on tel - 07306 789002 or e-mail - swchillpics@gmail.com