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England vs Italy - Salvatore Lepore

I wish to say to all of you at Football Aid a big, huge, thank you for making this possible.

Singing “Fratelli d’Italia” at Selhurst Park has been unbelievable.

I can also say that -when the music started- I wasn't so sure I could have been able to sing, being so thrilled and then I realized that the same happened to all of my friends, they told me this, it was really emotional I felt this, anyone of us did.

Then, the game has been really exciting, England team was really “strong“ so it has been a great entertainment for us on the pitch. I can’t remember so good a match since my first at Upton Park in 2012 or Genoa-Samp in 2014. We came as a group so I was expecting we might play well, but most of my friends were surprised that so many good players were on the other team too. Better for us, it was exciting!

Salvatore Lepore (2019 Italy Team)