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Birmingham City - Colin Revell

A great thanks to you and your team for organising the match on Tuesday 30 April 2019.

Many of us dream what it would be like to play for our club. You have a well organised system that creates that very situation and it was great to see all the minor details had been included. All the players took the game very seriously and played the game in a very fair sporting manner.

It’s also great to see former players (like Lee Carsley) give up their time and come along and join in, adding to the whole occasion.

Supporters, players & mascots are all well looked after and I am sure thoroughly enjoyed the experience using the corporate facilities that were made available.

What is really important for this once in a lifetime experience is that all monies raised go to a variety of suitable charities. It was a very special day, not one I will ever forget.

It will be an honour to hopefully return next year.

Colin Revell (2019)