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Corporate Opportunities

Banish the bland from staff incentives, cement your client relationships and ensure your customers keep coming back for more with these exciting and exclusive individual and Corporate Opportunities from Football Aid.

It's a beautiful game...

For your Staff - Watch your office manager transform into a midfield magician at Old Trafford, or your sales supremo become a silky striker at Old Trafford, as they 'Live the Dream' on the hallowed turf of the Club they love. Football Aid is the perfect way to motivate staff and ensure they go that extra mile for your organisation.

And your Customers - In today's competitive environment, where expectations are high, finding a unique customer reward can be difficult, so indulge your customers with something a little bit different...

While competitors settle for match day hospitality, get your clients out of the stands and onto the pitch for the ultimate football experience. Football Aid's proven experience and high quality service will ensure your customer's day as a professional footballer is an unforgettable experience, keeping them ‘onside' for the future.

For Promotional Purposes - If you want to stay ahead of the ‘game', there's no better way to create a call to action than the lure of a unique ‘money can't buy' promotion.

Football Aid's exclusive opportunities can be used for promotional or prize use; their unique nature securing sales, footfall, registration and more.

Or why not consider Sponsorship - You can choose to sponsor any aspect of the Football Aid games, or why not pull on your own boots and 'Live the Dream' on the hallowed turf yourself.

To discuss how Football Aid can give you something worth celebrating Contact Us by e-mail or call our Sales Team on 0131 220 5999.


How were Rory McGrath and Football Aid linked? Read on to find out more...

I'm sure you all chuckled over the Barclays ‘Win A Contract' advert a few years back, showing Rory McGrath sneaking into the Arsenal changing room while Thierry Henry is showering, squeezing himself into the No 14 shirt and running gleefully onto the pitch at Highbury. But did you know, it was our ‘Live the Dream' experience on offer as one of the prizes?

In 2007-08 Barclays joined forces with Football Aid in an innovative venture to further the bank's use of exclusive football-based experiences. The initiative (which was our first corporate deal of this size) was designed to promote Barclaycard Premiership sign up while underlining Barclays' commitment to Football and increasing participation in sport as a Group.

The result? Barclays secured positions in every one of our Premiership team games for both internal and external promotion, so as well as the above competition (every football fans dream, I am sure you will agree!), that season saw a mix of Barclays employees, customers and clients joyfully donning their Clubs' colours and playing at being professional footballers for the day!

Matt Appleby, Head of Sponsorship Marketing for Barclays explained, "For Barclays, the Football Aid partnership is one that allows us to extend our "money can't buy" association with Football through these unique fundraising events. As Barclays is also keen to further promote itself as a major benefactor to community based corporate social responsibility initiatives, the charitable nature of the Football Aid products aligns itself perfectly with our Group's corporate aims."

Concept Group

Concept Group support Football Aid by providing their expert printing services to benefit our charities and have also used positions in our games as an incentive for staff to reach their sales targets.

The Concept Group Ltd, one of the leading UK suppliers of Digital Document Solutions, very generously allow Football Aid the use of their state of the art printing capabilities to print the Teamsheets and Player Pack material for all our games. This considerable cost saving goes directly towards the charities Field of Dreams supports.

In addition the company have previously purchased positions in Football Aid games to use as staff incentives as well. In 2005, a Concept employee couldn't believe his luck on finding that not only would he be playing at Stamford Bridge, but also receiving his shirt for the game from former striking legends Eidur Gudjohnsen, Kerry Dixon and Gavin Peacock. The stars were onside to celebrate Chelsea's first year with Football Aid and it was a dream come true for the lucky employee:

"Playing for Chelsea was my schoolboy dream and to be able to meet Eidur and legends Dixon and Peacock was unbelievable! I have to thank my employers for the incentive - the thought of pulling on the strip and playing at Stamford Bridge was all the incentive I needed to smash my sales targets!"


How did USC use Football Aid to their advantage? Read on for further information...

USC, one of the leading UK retailers of branded clothing, footwear and accessories, bought positions in Football Aid's Scotland International and Celtic FC games to use as customer rewards.

Stephen Craig, Director of USC, explained, "From a corporate perspective, there is an opportunity for businesses to reward customers by procuring slots in a Football Aid match. Football Aid can weave itself in to the fabric of a company's culture and charitable focus through its simple philosophy and capability to allow dreams to come true."