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Football Aid 2013 - Bidding Now Live!

Bidding for the Football Aid 2013 games has kicked off, meaning you've now got the opportunity to Bid to Play for your Team in 2013!

Bidding starts at just £175 and as ever proceeds from all our games will go towards supporting a host of hugely deserving charitable causes, so you can feel a warm glow of satisfaction knowing that your generous bids will be helping those most in need.

As ever Bidders will enjoy the benefits of a fully featured Auction system and these include:

Maximum Bid – If your original Standard Bid is beaten our Proxy bidding system automatically bids up to your Maximum bid amount without you having to re-bid online.

Buy Now – Selected positions are available to Buy Now, allowing you the option to end an auction early.

Detailed Bid Monitoring – Use the 'My Bids' page to see all your personal bidding history, or visit the Event page and use the 'Data View' to see live bid information.

With 25 x club events and 2 x International games available there's a host of games to Bid On! Positions are available at all of the following clubs: Aston Villa, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle Utd, Norwich City, QPR, Reading, Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Brom, West Ham Utd, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Leicester City, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Wolves, Celtic, Hearts, Rangers as well as our Scotland International and Wales International events.

Just visit the Book & Play page to choose your team, select from the Events available at that club, then choose your position from the Team Map to place your Bid or Buy Now purchase. 

Positions close at regular intervals throughout the 6 week bidding period, with the first positions closing on Tue 12th Feb and the last positions closing on Tue 12th March.

If you need any tips or advice, check out our Buying Guide or Contact Us.

Thanks in advance and good luck if you do choose to Bid for a Position this season.

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