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Charity Awards Update – March 2014

A selection of our recent charity grant awards are detailed below, along with feedback from the relevant nominated recipients. These amounts represent just a small portion of the charitable funds raised from our recent games, and if you'd like to know more about the charity benificiaries from a game you've played in feel free to contact

Over £2.01M in total has been paid out or designated as payable to charities in the 13 years since Field of Dreams was established and full details of the charities we support and how they are chosen can be found on the Our Charities page.

Aston Villa 2013: Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust - £4,000

"Acorns Children’s Hospice Trust is the only organisation in the heart of England offering a network of specialist palliative care and ongoing support for children up to the age of eighteen, who are life limited or life threatened and their families. The kind donation received from Field of Dreams will enable us to provide several outings for our children and young people. This generous donation will provide special memories for the children and their families and also means they can develop important life skills, helping them to make the most of the precious time they have."

Celtic FC 2013: Celtic Foundation Christmas Appeal - £10,000

"This year, the Field of Dreams grant will be allocated to our Celtic Christmas Appeal. We hope to raise £60,000 and help over 150 local families in the East End of Glasgow enjoy a Christmas meal. As well as this, the funds will be distributed to the following charities who will be able to help their own community enjoy Christmas this year: Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, Glasgow East Woman’s Aid, Spirit Aid, Glasgow Simon Community, Loaves and Fishes, The Wayside Club Centre, Glasgow City Mission and Lodging House Mission. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Football Aid for their support."

Liverpool FC 2013: Liverpool FC Foundation – Military Veterans project ‘Barracks to Bootroom’ - £28,400

"Funds will be used to support our military veteran’s initiative. It is fantastic to have the support of Field of Dreams as we support veterans in their re-integration to civilian life.

Mark Haig - Head of Operations at LFC Foundation"

Manchester United 2013: Manchester United Foundation: United for Unicef - £10,000

"The United for Unicef partnership are delighted with the amount raised by Football Aid which will assist in their overall objectives of creating and equipping 35 child survival centers in Senegal."

Newcastle United 2013: Newcastle United Foundation - £10,000

"Newcastle United Foundation would like to thank Field of Dreams and Football Aid for supporting our work with this generous donation. This will help us take the club to the community and reach disadvantaged children, young people and adults across the North East."

Nottingham Forest FC 2013: Nottinghamshire Community Foundation - £4,500

"We are absolutely delighted with this grant, thank you so much. It will go to help us support our charity objectives for families in need in Nottingham."

QPR 2013: QPR in the Community Trust - £3,500

"QPR in the Community Trust is extremely grateful for the support for our disability schools sports sessions. The grant will support football, tennis and athletics sessions in secondary schools. We hope the project will increase participation, have health benefits and lead to long term involvement in sport."

Rangers 2013: Rangers Charity Foundation donating to UNICEF, The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice and Enable Scotland projects - £4,000

"We are always delighted to welcome Football Aid to Ibrox – when fans can live out one of their dreams and some fantastic charities benefit from everyone’s endeavours."

Sheffield Wednesday FC 2013: Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme - £1,000

"Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme would like to thank the Field of Dreams for their very kind donation of £1,000 towards our project (Interactive Educational Workshop to Promote Healthy Lifestyles) . This funding will make a huge difference to our education programme."

Diabetes Award 2013: Medical Detection Dogs - £4,000

"Medical Detection Dogs provide medical alert assistance dogs to adults and children with life threatening health conditions including brittle type 1 diabetes throughout the United Kingdom. With their incredible sense of smell these amazing dogs save lives on a daily basis. We currently have seven children with diabetes under sixteen on our waiting list and with your support we will reduce this number considerably.

Our diabetic alert dogs are trained to be highly sensitive to glucose levels, and warn the client when levels deviate from the normal range, and can indicate changes within one or two millimoles of blood sugar. Training requires both training in odor identification and a reliable alert which enables the dog to communicate this change to the client. When outside the normal range, the dogs can warn and get help before the symptoms are felt. Depending on their ‘owners’ needs the dogs will alert in a variety of ways e.g. by jumping up, licking or pawing. They can also be trained to push alarm buttons and in the case of very young children going to fetch their parents. We have recently placed Wendy (a black Labrador) with Cerys, ages 5, and to help you understand the benefits a medical alert assistance dogs gives to our young clients we asked Debbie, Cerys’s mother to write about what this means to her family:

"Cerys was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes when she was two years old. She was in Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and had a blood glucose level of 41. Cerys came home when better but had hypos almost every two hours throughout the night for the next three months. These sometimes lead to seizures. Her diabetes was providing to be difficult to control. It is still a daily battle to keep on top of Cery’s blood glucose levels. Every morning our first waking thought is Cerys diabetes. Is she ok, will she wake up? There is never a holiday from diabetes type 1, ever.

I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe how this very special dog would be able to change Cerys and all of our family’s life. The support that the team at the charity have given us is second to none. Nothing is too trivial. They are with us every step of the way. It is truly magic the way they have trained Wendy. We will be forever grateful."

Medical Detection Dogs would like to thank Field of Dreams in assisting us to place a dog with another child like Cerys."

Camp Charnwood 2013 - £2,500

"On behalf of the Committee which organises Camp Charnwood, our Activity and Education Holiday for children and adolescents with diabetes, I would like to say a massive thank you to Football Aid (Field of Dreams) for your further support this year. It costs us £16,000 each year, all of which has to be collected from sponsors like yourselves and local fundraising.

We aim to take 50 young people on our local holiday every summer to give them lots of fun whilst at the same time teaching them independence and safe management of their diabetes.

We know from questionnaires from the youngsters and parents afterwards that this (unique) holiday has a huge impact on participants – the parents often say it is more important than going to the hospital clinics!

Many thanks.

Dr Peter Swift - President LPGDUK (Leicestershire Parents Group Of Diabetes UK)"