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Aston Villa Game 2 2008

The first team had the last game of a fantastic season under Martin O’Neill against the Hammers just the day after our event, and our Football Aid teams had a lot to capitalise on their success. Lining up where Agbonlahor and Mellberg had done only one week previously, the two teams were fully aware that the imminent game would mean Villa would definitely win their last game of the season at Villa Park, but which strip would they win it in...

Saturday 10th May 2008
Aston Villa Home Vs Aston Villa Away
Game 2
Villa Park
KO: 15:30 pm
Match Officials: Phil Allen, Andy Cooper and Matt Gibling
Legends: Gary Shaw, Bryan Small, Dave Norton

It was the home team that got off to the better start, with great interplay between Andy Fisher, Andrew Litchfield and legend Dave Norton from the centre of the pitch and up towards the goal. It looked as though the first goal could have come early for the Home team, when an interception by Paul Martin allowed the midfielder to drive the ball up, straight past Steven Diggory legend Bryan Small of the Away team This promising run was stopped short of the box when the ball was taken by the Away defence and passed away from the area.

The legends from both sides demonstrated why they were originally chosen to be a Villian. A throw in by Bryan Small was immediately intercepted by home team striker Andrew Litchfield and passed on to home team legend Dave Norton. The ball found its way into the box and although looked likely to threaten the away team, keeper Josh Wakelin collected the ball with ease before it could get near to the line,

Minutes later the first goal of the game came after some exciting play from both teams.  A throw in into the Home teams penalty box was headed down by captain Colin Fisher.  Ben Jennings gained and then quickly lost possession leading to Steven Diggory taking the ball from just outside the area into the box where he found Steven Aston. The midfielder took no mercy on the home team, and shot the ball directly towards the right hand side of the keepers net, where it rolled behind the line and took the lead for the away team.

The away team came close to a second goal in as many minutes when a misunderstanding in the box led to the defenders being unable to clear the ball away from the danger. Bryan Small ran the ball up the park with help from midfielder Chris Lasswell, and as the legend headed into the area, the home defence were unable to clear the ball leading to David Garlick’s attempt, which fortunately for the home team, went just wide of the net.

A chance to equalize came from the unlikeliest of sources for the home team , when a shot into the area by home midfielder Gareth Palmer was caught by away midfielder Chris Lasswell, with the American almost scoring an own goal. This was quickly saved by away keeper Josh Wakelin, who managed to stop his opposition from going level.

After a several away throw-ins, it was away legend Bryan Small who got the ball over to Steven Aston, who had made space for himself in the box. Aston was successfully tackled by Scott Wayne from the Home team, however upon trying to clear the ball from the impending danger, it was caught by the away team who kicked it back into the box to David Garlick, with the midfielder launching his cross straight into the back of the net to double the score for the Away team.

The home team were close to bringing one back just before the half time whistle, when legend Dave Norton took the ball to the away side, quickly passing to striker Andrew Litchfield just outside the box, this attempt however was saved by the keeper.

Half Time: Aston Villa Home 0-2 Aston Villa Away

It was the Away team that kicked off the second half, and went straight into the attack. Lee Sedgewick took the ball down the right hand side and took a shot towards the goal, only for it to be saved by home goalkeeper Steven Brassington.

The home team began to push more into the game, when the goal kick landed with Andrew Litchfield. The ball made its way to Ben Jennings who then found legend Dave Norton in the centre of the pitch, who then passed it down the left wing to captain Andy Joeres. The striker brought the ball down into the box and over the defence to fellow forward Litchfield, who had paced down the length of the pitch to get into the area. Litchfield took his shot on goal, however the attempt went just wide of the post.

Steven Aston was the next away player to get into action, with a headed ball from the centre circle, however it landed with home legend, Dave Norton. Norton navigated the ball through the away midfield to Ben Jennings, with the midfielder taking it into the box and with a quick pass back to Norton, allowed the legend to score the first of the home team goals.

The away team, uncomfortable at being only one goal ahead, were now looking to increase their lead. A throw in by Steven Aston found David Traynor, who took the ball on his chest and passed back to legend Bryan Small. Small put the ball over to the wing where it found Stewart Walker, who set up Steven Diggory nicely in the box. His goal was shot hard and the ball hammered solidly into the back of the net to make it 3-1 to the away team.

It was now the chance for the home team to attack, and it was Darren Palin who intercepted the ball from the away team. Legend Norton got the ball, and after stumbling over the defence, passed to Chris Watters whose shot flew straight past Mark Phillips and on into the arms of keeper Josh Wakelin.

The Home team managed to bring one back to become a mere goal behind for the second time in the game. Neil Copper sent the ball to Gareth Palmer and, from the centre circle, the ball was again passed the ball along to Sean Austin, however the defender’s head narrowly missed the chance to get it in the back of the net. A nice kick into the box by captain Andy Joeres found Andrew Litchfield, with the striker finding the back of the net from two yards out.

The home team were not giving up on their efforts to equalize, however all their attempts were to no avail. An endeavor by the away team nearly resulted in a forth goal, when legend Bryan Small took the ball through the centre and passed it out to the right wing. Steven Aston was there to collect the ball and upon squaring it across to the box, keeper Steven Brassington was there to prevent the ball from going beyond the line.

Minutes later another goal was scored. Dave Norton skillfully edges the ball left to Gareth Palmer who in turn drives it through into the centre of the box locating Chris Watters. The defender skipped past Mark Phillips, who had no chance of tackling, and hammered the ball through the keeper into the centre of the net to equalize the score for the first time in the game.

As the 90th minute approached, each player from each team knew that the next goal would win the game. Andrew Litchfield ran through the away defence and found Sean Austin on the right. A pass to Gareth Palmer looked to seal the win for the home team, however his attempt went just over the net. The away defenders tried profusely to clear the ball from the danger, however it was the legend Dave Norton who produced a powerful shot right over the keepers head and into the bottom right hand corner. An exciting day with an unexpected twist at the end as the home achieved victory after a very tense second half.

Full Time: Aston Villa Home 4-3 Aston Villa Away

Home Man of the Match: Chris Watters

Away Man of the Match: Lee Sedgwick

Moment of the Match: Chris Lasswell

Home Team: Brassington, Austin, Watters, Thorpe, Palmer, Jennings, Fisher, Joeres ©, Martin, Litchfield Subs: Wayne, Palin, Copper

Mascot: Lewis Palin

Away Team: Wakelin, Walker, Phillips, Powell, Aston, Garlick, Lasswell, Fisher ©, Diggory, Sedgwick Subs: Traynor, Hancock

Mascot: Olivia Traynor


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