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Hearts 2008

An energetic crowd had gathered in the Main Stand, which proved that, despite the numbingly cold weather, the fans were here to be warmed up by some entertaining football. With an official pitch inspection only an hour before the match, the snow looked likely to postpone the event, however the weather cleared up and the referee gave the go ahead- the game was to start on time.

Sunday 6th April 2008
Hearts Home Vs Hearts Away
Tynecastle Park
KO: 11:00 am
Legends: Alan McLaren, Gary Mackay, Jimmy Sandison, Scott Crabbe, Steve Banks
Referee- Willie McKenzie

Paul Grant and Duncan Rennie kicked off for the Away Team, and it was instantly clear that they had strong intentions of winning. The men in white immediately stormed into the attack, and in the first minute looked as though a free kick should have been awarded for Gillies MacLeod’s apparent push into Duncan Rennie Snr. This was not to be and the referee gave a goal kick.

It didn’t take long for the Away team to get their first goal, when in the third minute Duncan Rennie Jnr and Michael Duncan played the ball up the centre of the park. Duncan’s interception into Logan’s throw in allowed the striker to get into vital space. Rennie managed to run straight through the home defence, including ex-Hearts defender Jimmy Sandison, slotting the ball into keeper Bob Butchard‘s right hand corner.

If that wasn’t enough for the striker, Rennie almost scored a second with yet another great run down the centre of the pitch. This attempt however hit off the Keepers leg, allowing for the ball to roll far to the right.

Captain Dean Clark had the next shot on target after what had been four minutes of exciting centre of the park play from both teams. The defender intercepted the ball which had been directed at the home team and drove it through the centre of the pitch, finding Michael Duncan and Duncan Rennie in space. He took the shot however, which ever so slightly missed the back of the net.

Three minutes later the Away team were back on the attack. A throw in by away defender Gillies MacLeod into the midfield was intercepted by the home team, with Jim Rae trying to get the ball away from the pending danger. The home team could now create a chance, with Osbourne intercepting the ball at the half way line allowing for a long pass down the middle of the pitch to striker Leon Calder. Calder ran the ball down the length of the pitch with ease, and after passing an unguarded box went for the shot only for the ball to fly straight into the arms of the keeper Bob Butchard.

A mere five minutes later, a pass into the centre of the pitch by Jim Rae landed at the feet of Leon Calder, however again the striker took the ball towards the net, only for the ball to again fall into the hands of Butchard.

A great save by the Away goalkeeper Liam Butchard allowed the away team to hold on to their lead for a while longer. Andrew Harwood cut into play, taking the ball from the away team. With his right foot, the midfielder struck the ball over to the penalty spot where he found Stephen Osbourne, however he too failed to put it into the back of the net.

It wasn’t long before the away team nearly doubled their lead when home goalkeeper Bob Butchard came off his line to collect the ball. Before Butchard could put his hand on it, Duncan Rennie passed it along to Paul Grant, who narrowly missed his clear cut chance into the back of the net.

Home defender Jim Rae made a strong run down his half, passing the ball to Calder who was running down the left hand wing. The striker looked up to find fellow forward Gavin McQuillan pacing into the box, however his pass was too long and McQuillan just couldn’t reach the ball in time to have any effect.

Half Time: Hearts Home 0-1 Hearts Away

The away team started as strongly as they had left the first half, with an early attempt on goal to keep the home team on their toes. A pass through the middle of the pitch by Home Captain David Girrity was intercepted by newcomer Alan White (Hearts’ Community Development Manager), who shot the ball at the goal from long range, only to go wide of the right hand post.

Calls for a penalty a few minutes later were dismissed, when a misunderstanding in the box saw a few players being brought down after an away team corner kick. The Home Team had a chance to equalize shortly afterwards, with Stephen Osbourne driving from the centre of the box to the wing. The ball went out of play, and subsequently landed at the feet of Jim Rae, who passed it to Leon Calder and Grant McDermid, however neither of the players could find the net.

The away team began to attack further, taking direct control in the centre of the pitch. Saves by Bob Butchard prevented the away team from achieving another goal, however it wasn’t before long that the score was doubled. Midfielder Stewart Davie bounced past home defender Alistair Matson and rolled the ball towards Paul Grant in the middle of the pitch. A great pass through the home defence slipped past Duncan Rennie and landed at the foot of Michael Duncan, whose long range kick hit off the keepers hand and bounced over the line.

One minute later, a mistake by home striker Leon Calder led to the away team regaining possession. Duncan Rennie again took control of the ball down the right hand side of the pitch, however Jim Rae managed to get his head to the ball, pushing away the threat. The ball reached the half way line where it was collected by away captain, Dean Clark. His shot flew straight to the keeper. The ball however bounced out of Butchard’s arms and back into the line of fire. Upon trying to retrieve the ball, the keeper felt the pressure from Michael Duncan and hastily kicked the ball out of the box. Unfortunately for the home team, the ball landed at the feet of Duncan Rennie, who struck the ball straight into the bottom left hand corner of the net to make the score three-nil.

The Home Team tried to bring a goal back, however this was not to be. The ball was brought up the park to meet Stephen Osbourne on the left hand side of the pitch. Away keeper Liam Butchard had come far out of the box hoping to bring the ball to safety, however when he failed to do so it was left for Graeme O’Malley to create a wall between Osbourne and the back of the net. When Osbourne passed the ball into the box, the away defence scrambled to get the ball out, however home midfielder Andrew Harwood took the chance, travelling went just over the goal post.

It was now the home team who were the more dominant on the field, leading to Stephen Osbourne and creating a stir when his ball hit the back of the net. Unfortunately for the midfielder, the home team’s inaugural goal was deemed to be offside.

Minutes later, the Away team brought the ball back down the park and into the penalty box, however home team captain David Girrity managed to efficiently remove the ball from the danger. The defender’s next move was intercepted suddenly by Duncan Rennie, who skillfully chipped the ball over the keeper, as the home defence could do nothing but watch it bounce into the goal for the strikers hat-trick of the game.

It was quickly five-nil to the away team, when centre half Raymond Heath got into the action. Heath lobbed the ball down the pitch, only for the ball to then be intercepted by Girrity. A tackle by John Page for the Away team allowed the ball to be back in the possession of the boys in white, and the ball was quickly passed along to Stewart Davie. Captain Dean Clark was the next player to take the ball, and from just outside the box produced a wonderful high ball straight into the back of the net, with keeper Bob Butchard so close to getting his hand to the ball.

Another unsuccessful attempt at goal by the home team thrust even more adrenaline into the Away side, determined to keep a clean sheet. Midfielder Kris Lee wove through the home defence, however after much persistence David Girrity managed to put the ball out of play for a throw in. The ball made its way into the box, and neither Clark or John Page could get past the barrage of home defenders determined not to lose another goal. Page flicked the ball just outside the box, where Raymond Heath was on hand to flick the ball over the home defenders with his right foot, and over the goal keeper into the back of the net. The centre half’s face showed his shear delight at scoring the Away team’s sixth goal of the game.

Then it came, the goal that everyone had been waiting for the whole game. A goal kick by the home team keeper Bob Butchard fell to William Wardrop in the centre of the pitch. The defender found striker Leon Calder down the left hand side, who unselfishly passed the ball over to David Girrity. And it was the captain who cleared his way into the box and chipped the ball over Away goal keeper, Liam Butchard to bring back a long awaited goal for the home team. The game ended on a high for both teams, with the Away team happy that they won, and the home team in high spirits, disallowing the Away team to walk away with a clean sheet.

Full Time: Hearts Home 1-6 Hearts Away

Home Man of the Match: Jim Rae

Away Man of the Match: Duncan Rennie

Moment of the Match: David Girrity

Hearts Home: Butchard, Wardrop, Sandison, Girrity©, Rae, Osborne, Millar, Logan, McQuillan, Duncan, Calder SUBS: McDermid, Matson, Harwood.

Mascot Michael Girrity

Hearts Away: Butchard, MacLeod, McLaren, Clark©, D.O’Malley, Dougan, Duncan, Rennie, Rennie, Lee, Grant SUBS: Page, Heath, G.O’Malley, Davie

Mascot Della Dougan


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