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West Ham Game 1 2008

Two days after the first team played their last game of the season, two teams of Hammers fans stood in the tunnel awaiting their Live the Dream experience. Some wanted to score like Dean Ashton, and a couple to save as though they were Robert Green, all who wanted to win as though they were in the European sup winning team of the sixties.

Tuesday 13th May 2008
West Ham Utd Home Vs West Ham Utd Away
Game 1
Upton Park
Match Officials: Gordon Manning, Peter Cruise, Adrian Waters and Paul Wakelin
Legend: Mark Robson

The game began with the Home side being the more dominant force, with an early pass from Jesus Esteban finding William Page on the edge of the area only for the midfielder’s powerful effort to be saved by keeper David Finn.

The Home Team continued to be the prevailing team, with another close call in the fourteenth minute. Defender Lee Weissenbruch put a great ball through to Captain German Sanchez-Myles, however he was dispossessed just outside the penalty area by Bob Thorpe, who cleared the ball away from the danger. A minute later, what looked like a clear-cut penalty was denied, when Sanchez-Myles appeared to have been pushed at the edge of the area, however this was deemed to be a dive by the referee.

21 minutes had passed before any real threat developed from the Away Team. A great run down the right wing by David Harper could have resulted in a goal for the side, however he chose to pass to Greg Regan. The right back took no hesitation, and his shot flew straight into the bottom right hand corner of the net, with no chance for keeper Giancarlo Figliulo to save it.

With the roles now reversed, it was the Away Team that endured most of the possession. Goal scorer Greg Regan was pivotal in setting up the second, with a great cross to Jamie Jones, only for the striker to collide with keeper Figliulo, resulting in both men falling to the ground. Midfielder Lee Healey took advantage of the incident from the left, and headed the ball into the back of the net before Figliulo even had the chance to get back up again. This completed the first half, with both teams having roughly 50% of ball possession each, but the Away Team managing to capitalise for the two goals.

Half Time: West Ham Utd Home 0-2 West Ham Utd Away  

It was again the Away team who got off on the right foot, with captain Brett Cahill eager to add his name to the score sheet. The striker managed to hammer down the centre of the park, however after a good stall by the keeper, the Home defence were able to catch up with the striker, and the ball was taken away from the box.

Cahill was soon to come back into action with a great shot into the area. This threat however was caught at the last moment by a header from Home midfielder Simon Niemiec off of the line, and the Away side were denied their third goal.

A rare break by the Home Team caught the Away side by surprise, with Neil Butcher’s attempt just wide of the mark. It was now time for legend Mark Robson to show the guys his tricks, and as celebrations erupted as his ball rolled in the back of the net, the linesman declared the ball offside. With calls that the legend was actually pushed being ignored by the referee, the game continued with a goal kick and the Home side remained without a goal.

Persistence from captain Brett Cahill allowed him back in the midst of the action late on in the second half, with a thundering shot that looked to nestle in the top of the net. The ball unfortunately had other ideas, and from 30 yards out hit the crossbar and fell out of play. Daniel Pumar of the Home Team had his side’s last touch of the game, managing to make his way up the park to meet David Finn. The midfielder looked to grab a late consolation goal, however his strike from the right met the keepers hands, and the ball once again left the field of play. This was a proud time for the Away team, who had managed to end the first team’s three month Away win drought.

Full Time: West Ham Utd Home 0-2 West Ham Utd Away

Man of the Match (Home)

Man of the Match (Away)

Moment of the Match:

Home Team: Figliulo, French, Robson, Baker, Weissenbruch, Page, Pumar, Niemiec, G.Sanchez Myles, B Sanchez-Myles, Esteban Subs: Green, Atkinson, Butcher, Thorpe

Mascot: Rebecca Maddison-Stossler

Away Team: Finn, Healey, Alcock, R.Thorpe, N.Healey, Harper, L.Healey, Jones, D.Thorpe, Cahill, Subs:  Bill, Regan, Long

Mascot: Charlotte Healey


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