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Sheffield United 2003

Kick Off 10am

It was a cloudy, wet day in Sheffield, when 28 excited United fans arrived at Bramall Lane. There were a mixture of nerves and anticipation, as they were waiting to take part in the Football Aid game, and make their debut for Sheffield United.

After a tour of the stadium, the players were led into the changing rooms, where they found their own personalised shirts hanging up. They also met their managers for the day, Paul Beesley in the home team and Brian Gayle on the away team.

After a team talk and a warm-up session, the two teams lined up in the tunnel to be led out onto the pitch. As they appeared and took to the “hallowed” turf of Bramall Lane, there were great cheers from the crowd. The 28 nervous fans were now 28 “professional” players, and they were loving every minute of it.

ul Beesley played alongside his team, whilst Brian Gayle sat on the bench shouting instructions at the away team. It started off as a close game, but it soon became clear that the home team were going to dominate the scoreline. The away team did manage to score a couple of good goals, but the home team racked up nine in total. The final score was 9-2 to the home team.

hough 9 was a very lucky number for the home team, it was also the number 9’s on both teams that received the title of man of the match. On the home team this was Alan Hodges and on the away team it was Ben Corby.

ite the mixed weather, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and Paul Beesley and Brian Gayle were much praised for their skills and humour on and off the pitch.