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Man City Game 1 & 2 2003

Game 1, Kick off 10.45am

Thirty dedicated Manchester City fans arrived at Maine Road, for a last chance to play on the “hallowed” turf with Football Aid. Despite the nerves, there was great excitement about the dream that these thirty fans were about to live!

Heading into the changing rooms the players found their personalised shirts hanging up and to add to their delight were greeted by their managers for the day – Peter Barnes for the home team, and Gary Owen for the away team.

After a team talk and a warm up, the teams assembled in the tunnel and were led out onto the pitch by their managers. The glorious sunshine greeted them, as did the cheers from their spectators, and their dream was put into action.

The game started well, but after a couple of goals from the away team, it looked clear that they were going to dominate. The final score was 7-1 to the away team, with Andrew Bowden, at number 17, scoring a great hat-trick.

The man-of-the-match titles were presented at the end of the game by the two managers. The home team title went to Chris Shiels, the goalkeeper, who through some great saves, stopped the goal difference being higher. The away team title went to Colin Mellor, number 9, pivotal in his striking position.

Game 2, Kick off 3pm

The second Manchester City game saw another thirty dedicated fans arrive for what was to be the very last Football Aid game at Maine Road. Conditions were perfect and the lovely weather helped to make the experience even better.

The changing rooms were a delight to the fans, as they walked in and saw their own personalised shirts hanging up waiting for them. The chance to live the dream of getting to be their heroes for the day and debut at Maine Road, was an amazing experience for all the players.

As they ran out onto the pitch, they were greeted from the cheers of the crowd, who were all enjoying the lovely weather.

The game was a very closely fought battle, with both teams racking up the goals. The game ended as a draw, 6-6, which involved some seriously good football being played.

The man of the match titles went to David Lavelle, at number 5 on the home team, and to Ian Kavanagh, who played at number 8, on the away team.

The end of the era at Maine Road, saw two great Football Aid games take place, that were thoroughly enjoyed by all involved; players, officials, spectators and Peter Barnes and Gary Owen.