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Birmingham City 2003

1pm Kick-Off

30 excited Birmingham fans were raring to go and keen to score at St Andrews on Monday 12 May. Noel Blake and Kevin Francis, were stalwarts in defence, unfamiliar positions to the pair and Kevin narrowly missed a goal, as his header hit the post. Joe Gallagher was the manager for the day, which was an extra delight to the players, judging by the number of photos being taken and signatures that himself, Blake and Francis were signing.

The first-half saw the home team leading by 3-0, with number 7, Marcus Troy, scoring a hat trick. In the second half the excitement really heated up as the away team made a comeback after conceding another goal to the home side. Scoring three goals in a row, the score was sitting at 4-3, when Richard Patterson, made a great shot in the last minute of injury time equalling the score to 4-4.

Marcus Troy, after scoring a hat-trick for the home team, won man of the match. James Tough, number 7 on the away team, also won man of the match after scoring a great goal and setting up another.