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Blackburn Rovers 2003

Kick Off 7pm

Thirty excited Blackburn fans arrived at Ewood Park for the most important match of the season – the Football Aid game!

After a tour of the stadium they were taken into the changing rooms to be greeted by their captains – Kevin Gallacher for the Home team and Simon Garner for the Away team. After some team talk and a warm up, they all headed out onto the pitch for the match.

It all started well, but became evident pretty quickly that the game was going to be pretty one-sided. Despite some good efforts from the Away team, the Home team managed to put away 11 goals. It seemed that they had a goal machine in the form of Andrew Wall, at number 11, who scored 7 of the 11 goals.

The end result was 11-0, with Andrew Wall winning the man of the match for the home team, after his goal-scoring effort. The away team man of the match was the goalkeeper Andrew Fishburne, who stopped the score being higher!

The game was thoroughly enjoyed by all players and spectators, and the Football Aid staff. Special thanks must go to Tom Finn for all his commitment and efforts to arranging such a great event.