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Leeds United 2003

Game 1, Kick Off 10 am

It was a day of mixed weather as the players arrived at Elland Road early in the morning to take part in the Football Aid Game. Although very nervous, they were all excited to be playing on the pitch that had been graced by so many of their heroes.

After a tour of the stadium, the players were led into the changing rooms to find their shirts hanging up with their names on the back, which added to the excitement of the day.

After a brief warm-up the two teams lined up in the tunnel to walk out onto the pitch, accompanied by Mascots, David Burnett and Charlie Bailey. The game started off well, but it soon became evident that the away team were going to dominate. The goals started to rack up for the away team, with Phillip Edmondson and Christopher Probert scoring two-a-piece. The home team’s number 6, David Jordon, scored their only goal, making the final score 7-1 to the away team.

The game was thoroughly enjoyed by all, both players and spectators alike. The home goalkeeper, Kenny Sharman, received their title as Man of the Match, and Phillip Edmondson, number 9, won this title for the away team.

Game 2, Kick Off 1.45am

The weather had started to brighten up as the players arrived at Elland Road at lunch-time for the second Football Aid game. Again there was a mixture of nerves and excitement, as they had had the morning filled with anticipation to prepare themselves for their starring roles!

After a tour of the stadium led by John McClelland, the players were taken into their respective changing rooms, where they found their personalised shirts hanging up, and were introduced to their captains; Brendan Ormsby for the away team and John McClelland for the home team.

After a warm up and a team talk, the two captains led their teams down through the tunnel and out onto the “hallowed” pitch.

The game was dominated by the home team, who had very strong forwards, and their goal scoring started to rise before half time. At full-time the score was 4-0 to the home team, with Ryan Haigh, Dean Dewhirst and Chris Dye as the goal-scorers.

John and Brendan handed out the titles for man of the match, with Dean Dewhirst, number 9 for the home team for his goal and for setting up the other goals, and Andy Broughton on the away team, for his great saves, which stopped the score being higher!

It was a great game that was thoroughly enjoyed by all, including players, officials and spectators, who were delighted to see Leeds legends John McClelland and Brendan Ormsby on the pitch again.