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Crystal Palace 2003

Kick Off 7.30pm

It was a nice evening at Selhurst Park, as 28 excited fans arrived clutching their kit bags. Despite the excitement, their was some nervousness, as they were all about to take the field and play in the Football Aid game on their “hallowed” Palace turf!

As they were led into the changing rooms to see their shirts hanging up with their names on the back, they were greeted by Jim Barron in the home dressing room and Steve Kember in the away dressing room. As the managers of the sides, they gave them some good advice in their pre-match warm-ups. This was particularly special for the away team as they were being managed by the future club manager!

After a warm up, they lined up in the tunnel to walk out onto the pitch to be faced by the roars from their spectators. Alongside the players were Terry Bullivant on the home team and George Elliott on the away team.

The game started well, and it was close-run battle, with the home team taking the slight edge in the first half. At the half-time whistle the score was 2-1 to the home team.

For the second half the players were greeted by a flood-lit stadium, much to their delight, adding to the authenticity of the whole evening.

The home team managed to hold onto the lead, and the game ended 3-1 to them.

The man of the match titles went to Paul Redfern, the goalkeeper on the home team, for some great saves, and Stuart Hatcher, number 5 on the away team, for his great defending.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all, players, officials and spectators.