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QPR Game 2 2014

It was a slightly overcast evening that saw the 2nd Football Aid 2014 game at Loftus Road, but this didn't dampen the spirits of the players in the slightest. The teams put on a great show for the spectators present and the deluge of goals ensured the audience was a captive one. The overall standard of play was excellent from both sides and despite the final scoreline the match could have gone either way. However one team ultimately proved to be dominant, and it was the QPR Away team that took the plaudits at the final whistle, ending up 5-9 winners.

Date: Wednesday 21st of May 2014
Venue: Loftus Road
QPR (Home) vs QPR (Away)
Game 2
Kick off: 19:00 pm
Legends: Wayne Fereday, Richard Langley, Rufus Brevett and Andy Sinton
Match Officials: Steven Daly and Stuart Kenworthy

This game was no different from the 1st of the day, in that there was a fantastic line up of QPR Legends and the players were relieved to know that they had their vast weight of experience to help them in the upcoming match. After getting suited and booted the players walked out excitedly onto the pitch to kick off the 2nd game of the day. The Away team won the toss and chose to stay down the School End while the Home team kicked off.

Once play was under way passing between the teams was fluid but both seemed to be trapped in the midfield. Even then the Away side looked to be dominant, keeping the ball away from the Home team. They also had the 1st major chance when a through ball went deep into the home half and was picked up by No 8 Gavin Masterson-Andrews. His shot at goal went just wide of the right hand post but it had definitely worried Matthew Corbey in the Home goal.

As the game progressed chances continued to come for both sides as the ball moved up and down the pitch. Then on 20 mins the Home team moved back up the pitch and suddenly found themselves with 4 men up and only 2 defenders in front of them. A through ball into the box was controlled well by No 6 Matt Priestly and he proceeded to pass the ball across goal, beyond the keeper, finding teammate and No 10 Andrew Harland, who hammered the ball in from a few yards out to open the scoring (1-0).

This turned out to be the dam bursting and an absolute flood of goals followed soon after. The Away side answered right away when Legend Andy Sinton charged down half the pitch, passing multiple defenders. He then got off a strong shot which flew past the keeper, just as defender came sliding in. This put things level in the 24th min (1-1).

From then on the lead went back and forth as the score quickly shot up in the remainder of the 1st half. The next on the board was Home Centre-Mid Matt Priestly. One of the legends collected a loose ball and passed forward to Priestly just inside the box. He then turned and sent a great curling shot into the far corner of the net, putting his Home side back in the lead after 25 mins (2-1).

Wanting to ensure the Home team didn’t pull ahead the Away side secured another goal in the 27th min, and it came again from Legend Andy Sinton. Away Left-Mid Gavin Masterson-Andrews tussled with a defender before getting the ball away to Sinton, he found space on the edge of the box and thumped the ball at goal where it just slipped past the Keeper Andrew Pearcey (2-2). Less than two mins later Andy Sinton secured his hat-trick, putting the Away side in the lead for the 1st time with 29 mins on the clock! (2-3).

The Home side didn’t like this turn of events one bit and struck back twice within 10 mins. The 1st came from their Striker Daniel Watson. Legend Richard Langley controlled the ball after incepting an Away goal kick and the ball found Watson via the other half of the forward pair Wayne Peach, Watson dodged a defender allowing him to get off a great shot which wrong footed the Keeper and flew straight into the back of the net (3-3).

The next Home goal came on 39 mins from Centre-Mid Andrew Harland, who after receiving a good pass into the box was taken down by Away Legend Rufus Brevett. The referee immediately called for a penalty and Harland stepped up to attempt to fire his team back into the lead and he did just that, calmly slotting the ball into the back of the net after sending the keeper the wrong way (4-3).

Losing their lead didn't sit well with the Away side and they pressed back down the Home half and were provided with a free kick after Richard Langley took down their Captain Emilio Di Stasio. Legend Rufus Brevett took the free kick and sent it curling into the box and No 6 Ryan Sheward was there to receive it. He chipped it up over the defence, turned and expertly lobbed it over the Keeper and into the net. The
score-line was back level in the 43rd min (4-4).

But the half wasn’t quite finished there! The Home team wanted their lead back and they stopped an Away team attack in its tracks before moving back up the opposite end. The ball was passed up the left wing and was nearly stolen by Legend Andy Sinton, however the ball got away from him and the attacker and No 7 Joe Paradiso played a perfect cross straight to the back post onto the boot of Andrew Harland, who volleyed it into the back of the net. This put the Home team back in the lead right on the 45 min mark (5-4).

The half ended shortly afterwards and both teams were satisfied with their 1st half performance. The teams had been well matched throughout and despite the number of goals scored both teams were looking sharp in their defensive and offensive areas. The Home team were optimistic during half time and the tactical discussion focused on staying with their man and keeping the pressure on the Away side. The Away side were also discussing how best to go on to win and the Legends were lending their expertise in the tactical discussion. Once both teams were ready and had their plan of action they came back out to put it into practise.

Half Time: QPR (Home) 5 - 4 QPR (Away)

With the floodlights on play got underway again and the Away side were immediately looking to level the score again and came very close early in the half when Legend Rufus Brevett took a free kick from the edge of the box, however his shot was kept out by a great diving save from Keeper Andrew Pearcey. The game carried on and the Home team were pushing for another goal as well, carrying the ball down the Away end again and again.

However in the 69th min Legend Andy Sinton struck again when he pounced on a failed clearance and carried it towards the box. After a one-two pass around the defence with No 11 Marco Giorgetti, he slid the ball past the Keeper and into the bottom right corner. The Away side had levelled the score again and they didn’t stop there (5-5).

Another Legend put the Away side ahead again, but this time it was Rufus Brevett. The former QPR defender showed he also has plenty of attacking prowess, as he nonchalantly sent the ball flying into the top right corner of the net from 25 yards out. Goalkeeper Andrew Pearcey wasn’t quite able to stop it but he did very well to get his fingers to it. Brevett's stunning effort putting his Away team ahead on 73 mins (5-6).

It was not the last of the Away goals either; a poor clearance from a Home defender was picked up by No 11 Marco Giorgetti and he then slid the ball past the Keeper into the bottom left corner while under pressure from the Home defenders. The Away side were now 2 goals clear in the 75th min (5-7).

The Home team just didn’t seem to be able to make it to the Away goal despite exhibiting great play. The Away team had them locked up in the midfield and soon pushed back up the Home end. Under pressure from Rufus Brevett one of the Home defenders let the ball get away from him and Brevett passed to midfielder Ryan Sheward on the edge of the box. The No 6 then passed to Captain Emilio Di Stasio who stepped around a defender and fired the ball across goal and into the bottom left corner of the net. The Away side were now even further ahead in the 83rd min (5-8).

This seemed to give the Home side the boost they needed and they put pressure on the Away goal and created some really good close chances. Unfortunately luck was not on their side and the Away defence and Keeper managed to keep them from scoring. The final goal for the Away side came from an unexpected source. Legend Andy Sinton decided to come off towards the end of the game and was replaced by his son Dan Sinton. A clearance came out from the Away box after a corner and Sinton jumped on the ball and sprinted round the defence and went charging towards goal. He waltzed into the danger area unchallenged and slid the ball past Keeper Andrew Pearcey to bag the final goal of the match in the 89th min (5-9).

The dying moments saw the Home team unable to narrow the deficit, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. The game ended with the scoreline remaining at 5-9 and the Away side were delighted with their comeback, with the Home side lamenting letting the Away side back into the game after they had enjoyed a narrow lead at the break. Both sides greatly enjoyed the game and this was demonstrated by the mass of hand shaking and back slapping after the final whistle. It was a fitting end to what had been an enthralling, goal filled match and both sets of players were treated to a resounding round of applause from R's fans in the stands when they left the Loftus Road pitch.

Full time: QPR (Home) 5 - 9 QPR (Away)

Man of the Match Home: Andrew Harland
Man of the Match Away: Emilio Di Stasio
Moment of the Match: Wayne Peach

Home Team: Andrew Pearcey, Keith Parker, Wayne Fereday, Richard Langley, Mark Beare, Michael O'Donoghue, Matt Priestley, Joe Paradiso, Christopher Elkins (C), Daniel Watson, Andrew Harland, Wayne Peach, Charlie Clymo, Frode Naess
Michael Derrane, David Doninotti
Home Mascot: Cadence Heyden

Away Team: Matthew Corbey, Vito Guglielmi, Rufus Brevett, Andy Sinton, Massimo Giorgetti, Damian Masterson- Andrews, Ryan Sheward, Fabrizio Samori
Gavin Masterson-Andrews, Emilio Di Stasio (C), Marco Giorgetti, Thomas Osenton,
Kyle Loomes, Colin Peach
Away Mascot: Alice Masterson-Andrews