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Spurs Game 1 2014

The first of the Football Matches at White Hart Lane was as closely contested a match as there is ever likely to be. The weather had dawned bright and clear for this extremely exciting match which saw plenty of great saves from both keepers, excellent defensive play and some great finishes from both sides. Both sides ran each other ragged and the match could have gone either way, but in the end there could only be one winning side and it was the Home team who just edged the result 2-1.

Date: Sunday 18th of May 2014
Venue: White Hart Lane
Tottenham Hotspur (Home) vs Tottenham Hotspur (Away)
Game 1
Kick off: 10:30 am
Match Officials: Mark Mellor, Thomas Mellor, Peter Munt and Chris Cooper

Both teams received encouragement and advice from Legend Manager Perry Suckling before they faced each other on the pitch. Taking his words to heart they marched out excitedly onto the pitch to begin their game. Both teams started well and play was fluid, with the ball moving up and down the pitch while the players fought to get chances on goal.

The Home team almost opened the scoring early on. They surged forward after a well-timed tackle and despite the defenders in the way almost scored after the attempted clearance from the Away side was picked up by Home No.10 Matt Paine, the centre mid hammered the ball at the bottom left corner but his effort was denied by a close save from Away Keeper Paul Cox, before the ball was cleared away and play resumed.

This close shave pushed the Away side into gear and they upped their game. They pushed back down the Home end again and again and it almost paid off. A dummy pass went forward to No 9 Jonathan Mepham who proceeded to muscle through the defender in front of him and got off a shot on goal. Such was the power behind the shot that as the keeper blocked the shot the ball rebounded almost straight back to Mepham. He 2nd shot on goal ended much the same as the Home Keeper Steve Braund had to dive in the opposite direction to save it. The ball was then finally cleared from the box but the pressure from the Away side remained.

Less than a min later the Away side pressed forward again with an excellent long pass forward from Right-Back Dave Jenkins which went right to the feet of No 7 Carlos Zapata. Despite a challenge from a defender the midfielder broke free and sent a powerful shot from a difficult angle straight past the Keeper and into the top right hand corner. However unfortunately for the Away team what would have been a fantastic goal was sadly deemed to be offside and play carried on...

The was still no scoring at this stage but there was plenty of great end to end action with both teams really working hard to break the deadlock, and it was the Away side who finally managed to get on the scoreboard after creating chance after chance. A cross came in off the boot of Captain Diego Sanchez which was missed by two Home players before coming to No 2 Dave Jenkins, who instead of assisting this time, copied Zapata and half-volleyed the ball into the top right corner. Jenkins' excellent strike opened the scoring for the Away side with 32 mins gone (0-1).

Half time came soon after with both teams taking a well deserved break after a fast paced 1st half. The talk in both dressing rooms was still very optimistic with high expectations for the 2nd half. With both teams suitably refreshed and encouraged they marched back out onto the pitch to continue this epic contest.

Half Time: Tottenham Hotspur (Home) 0 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur (Away)

Almost immediately the Away team were charging forward, looking to extend their lead and secure a comfortable win. Despite their opponents coming close to pulling away, the Home team stayed resolute and never let them find the net. It continued to be end to end play for some time with both teams coming within inches of scoring but never quite converting their chances.

Then the Home team had their 1st big break. A long pass forward went a little too far ahead for Home Striker Nick Braund, but as the Away Keeper came out to stop the danger he too missed the ball. Instead of collecting the ball the Keeper ended up taking Braund’s legs from underneath him and a penalty was appealed for and given as well as a yellow card, despite the Keeper’s protests. Nick Braund then proceed to take the penalty himself and masterfully misdirected the Keeper and slid the ball into the back of the net to equalise for the Home side. The scores where level once again in the 64th min (1-1).

This goal put new life into the Home team who upped their game even more. Despite good passing from the Away team the Home team would seize the opportunity when ever the slightest miss pass occurred and they seized one such opportunity near their box and carried it right back up the other end before finding Nick Braund. The striker then sent a great through ball into the box which was picked up by Centre-Mid Matt Paine who slid the ball just past the keeper while travelling at pace and found the bottom right corner. It was now the Home side who had the lead in the 66th min (2-1).

The Home team were also given a yellow card of their own when an enthusiastic challenge from Home right-back and Captain Mark Harrison sent Away left-mid Julian Ayala tumbling down. Despite the physical nature of the challenge, peace was made and a free kick given. This nearly proved the equaliser as it curved toward the goal off the boot of Ayala and almost made it into the net but a late dive from the Home keeper Steve Braund kept the score as it was.

Despite great effort from both sides the scores remained the same until the final whistle was blown, much to the disappointment of the Away side who had thought a win was in their grasp. The fact there was only a goal’s difference in the result, as well as only a few goals score, was a clear indication of how little there was that separated the two teams on the day. All in all it was a close fought game with some fantastic defensive play and a number of great saves by the two keepers.

Full time: Tottenham Hotspur (Home) 2 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur (Away)

Man of the Match Home: Steve Braund
Man of the Match Away: Robert Jones
Moment of the Match: Dave Jenkins (Away)

Home Team: Steve Braund, Mark Harrison (C), Mark Howard, Kevin Taylor, Robert Davies, Jim Marsh, Alistair Levy, Nick Braund, Matt Paine, Jonathan Pearce, Justin Hammond, Joel Romaner, Kalpesh Gohil
Home Manager: Perry Suckling
Home Mascot: Samuel Romaner

Away Team: Paul Cox, Dave Jenkins, Robert Jones, Lee Parkhurst, Sam Jones, Carlos Zapata, Julian Ayala, Jonathan Mepham, Diego Sanchez (C), German Sanchez-Myles, Nick Mepham, Andy Pelley, Kieran Gorman
Away Manager: Perry Suckling
Away Mascots: Leah & Cameron Jenkins