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Man Utd 2014

It was a bright and sunny morning for the Football Aid 2014 match at the famous Old Trafford ground and conditions were perfect for a good game of football. Both teams came onto the pitch with a sense of awe as they stood where their famous footballing heroes had stood over the years and they had it in their minds to try to the live up to the classic games that the great ground had seen. In that respect the teams did exceptionally well indeed, 10 goals scored, great saves from both keepers, penalties scored and missed and plenty of more action beside. The watching Man Utd fans were certainly treated to a hugely exciting spectacle and for all the players involved it will be a day to remember for a long time to come.

Date: Saturday 17th of May 2014
Venue: Old Trafford
Man Utd (Home) vs Man Utd (Away)
Kick off: 09:45am
Legends: Clayton Blackmore
Match Officials: Andy Winnard, Gavin Brewer, Terry Connolly and Luke Watson

Once the two teams were suitably kitted out and warmed up they proceeded to march down the tunnel and out onto the hallowed Old Trafford turf. Pre-match some of the players had described it as the chance of a life time and as they walked out the sound of the Champions League Anthem could be heard over the stadium’s sound system ensuring the experience was all the more inspiring.

After the handshakes and photos the two teams commenced play with the Away side kicking off in Dark Blue. Both teams looked to be pushing for an early goal with the ball moving from end to end. The Home team, in Red shirts and White shorts, nearly opened the scoring early on when No 9 Wayne Richardson who picked up a miss hit header. He controlled the ball with his chest then turned and volleyed the ball at goal but his effort was kept out well by Keeper Pavol Holeczy.

With Legend Clayton Blackmore leading from the back the Home side continued to press for a goal and were only just kept out by the Away Keeper. However their 1st goal came shortly afterwards when No 5 Fabrizio Tumolo sent a long pass forward that found the No 9 Wayne Richardson racing clear to beat the offside trap. The No 9 approached the goal unchallenged and even though the Keeper charged out to meet him, he did well to wrong foot Pavol Holeczy with his shot before it nestled into the back of the net. The Home team had opened the scoring the in the 14th minute (1-0).

However their strike was answered not long afterwards with 20 mins on the clock, the Away side had initially struggled to get the ball past the Home defence around the box but the shot finally came from Striker Richard Caplan who sent the ball through a gap in the defence and the Keeper was left reaching for the ball as it went past him into the bottom left corner of the net (1-1).

The Home side looked to strike back later when they were granted a penalty after Keeper Pavol Holeczy failed to get the ball and took out No 9 Wayne Richardson. However he more than atoned for his error when he kept out Home No 11 Jenk Sakalli's penalty! The Slovakian keeper going the right way to make the save with his feet to keep the scores level.

It didn’t remain that way for long as ten mins later the Home side gave themselves new hope for a win when Striker Wayne Richardson picked up a long pass forward. He tapped the ball around the Keeper and then caught up with the ball and blasted it into the net just before a defender came sliding into challenge him. This put the Home side in the lead again in the 32nd min (2-1).

This motivated the Away side to try and hit back with another goal but they were continually denied by the Home defence and Keeper Frank Burns. Indeed it was the Home team who scored again in the 38th min when two well played passes left No 5 Jamie Chatfield well in the clear, after continuing his lung bursting 50 yard run he continued on towards goal before firing the ball past the keeper and into the back of the net. His cartwheel followed by the traditional knee slide celebration were deserved as this meant the Home team now had a two goal lead (3-1).

Even though both teams came very close to increasing the scoreline they were thwarted each time. Keeper Pavol Holeczy in particular was working hard in order to keep the ball from his net. Half time came without any more goals and the teams went back to the changing rooms for a tactical review of play and to set out how they would go forward. Both teams were looking for the win and discussion was heated but friendly, showing both teams had great passion and enthusiasm for the game. With the discussions settled they came back out onto the pitch to put it all into action.

Half Time: Man Utd (Home) 3 - 1 Man Utd (Away)

The 2nd half was soon underway with the Home team kicking off looking to maintain their excellent form from the 1st half. The Away side, however, quickly secured the ball and proceed to set up camp in the Home end and were putting pressure on their opponents. This allowed them to get close to goal and made the Keeper Frank Burns desperate enough to make another strong challenge, this time in the box. It didn't turn out well though and the Home team ended up with a penalty against them. However the Away team weren't able to capitalise on it though as No 10 Jason Shaw ended up hitting the woodwork and the ball went wide.

The Away side continued to press though and they made the Home keeper Frank Burns work hard as the pressure remained in his half of the field. He made some really good saves but could not hold out forever….No 7 Mojmir Kollar was on the receiving end of a chip from No 14 Peter Yavuz into the box and he sent the ball off the outside of his boot between two defenders and past the Keeper. The midfielder's goal reduced the Home side's lead to just the one goal in the 56th min (3-2).

And the team in Blue struck again two mins later when a through ball from Peter Yavuz again went in behind the defence and found Striker Lubos Ondrus. The big No 11 went one on one with the Keeper and slipped the ball past him before running beyond the stranded Burns and firing the ball into the net, before getting down on one knee and pointing to the stands in celebration. The scores were now level again in the 58th min (3-3).

From there the Away side pushed ahead into the lead and within five mins they had scored again. This time it was a corner from the right from Jergus Holeczy that found Right-Mid Mojmir Kollar at the near post, his powerful headed effort flew over the heads of the keeper and the defence to find the top right corner. This gave the No 7 his 2nd goal of the game and finally put the Away side into the lead in the 61st min (3-4)!

For the next 15 mins the Home side managed to keep the score the same while they tried to find their equaliser. However they didn’t quite manage it though and the Away side finally broke through again when Peter Yavuz sent another chip forward which found Centre-Mid Jason Shaw. He ran onto the ball and half-volleyed it past the Keeper and into the back of the net. The Away team were now 2 goals clear in the 75th min (3-5).

The Home team weren't finished yet though! Striker Wayne Richardson picked up the ball after an attempted headed clearance rom the Away side. He then dummied a shot and beat a defender before evading three more men in front of the goal and firing the ball past the GK to find the bottom left corner of the net. He had completed an excellent hat-trick and reduced the Away side's lead to 1 goal in the 77th min (4-5).

However a final attack from the Away side proved to be too much for the home team though and they secured the final goal of the game to shatter the Home team’s hopes of a draw. After a desperate challenge in the box by a Home defender gave the Away side a penalty, their Captain Paul Atherton stepped up to take the penalty and expertly fired it into the back of the net to restore the Away side's 2 goal lead in the 83rd min (4-6).

Despite their efforts the Home team were unable to find the back of the net in the final few mins and the score remained in favour of the Away side. The Home team had performed superbly but the Away side significantly upped their game in the 2nd half and had narrowly pulled away from their opponents. With great performances from both sides, and the Keepers in particular working very hard to keep the scoreline down, it had been a tight contest throughout. The game ended with both sets of players in high spirits and proud that they had put on such an exciting show for the spectators in the stands.

Full time: Man Utd (Home) 4 - 6 Man Utd (Away)

Man of the Match Home: Wayne Richardson
Man of the Match Away: Lubos Ondrus
Moment of the Match: Pavol Holeczy

Home Team: Frank Burns, Brian Donne, Clayton Blackmore (1st Half), Jeremiah O'Sullivan, Jamie Chatfield, Fabrizio Tumolo, David Baxter, Gareth Newberry, Wayne Richardson, Oliver Donne, Jenk Sakalli (C), Charles Palmer, Jay Eaton
Home Mascot: Patrick O'Sullivan

Away Team: Pavol Holeczy, Phin Leslau, Clayton Blackmore (2nd Half), Alex Monger, Patrik Kajuch, Andrew Roylance, Mojmir Kollar, Nick Straney, Richard Caplan, Jason Shaw, Lubos Ondrus, Peter Yavuz, Jergus Holeczy, David Phelan, Paul Atherton (C)
Away Mascot: Abi-Lou Atherton