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Aston Villa Game 2 2013

Our 2013 Aston Villa Game 2 turned out to be one of the most action packed of the season, with an incredible 19 goals scored in total! There were chances and goals galore for both sides and despite the high number of goals scored both defences could be proud of how they played as well. The Villa fans involved certainly provided great entertainment for their friends and families in the stands, who were treated to a fast paced game that you couldn’t take your eyes off for a minute.

Date: Friday 17th May 2013
Venue: Villa Park
Aston Villa Home vs Aston Villa Away
Game 2
Kick off: 3:30pm
Legends: Lee Hendrie and Gareth Farrelly
Match Officials: Kevin Carroll, David Barrett and Kerry Walker

The teams arrived early and began to prepare themselves for the game ahead and there was plenty of banter back and forth as the teams got to know each other before they kicked off. This set the perfect atmosphere for the game about to begin and Lee Hendrie's Home side won the toss and elected to kick-off. The game set off at a rapid pace, with plenty of quick passing from both sides. The Home side looked to be off to a strong start getting close to the Away goal but there were no definitive chances, yet.

A Home free kick from 25 yards out was the first real chance, the kick was played straight into the middle of the box by the boot of No 11 Steven Howkins, but his teammate Nicholas Pinfold was unable to redirect the ball goalwards and play carried on. Despite the Home side having the majority of possession, the Away side were the first on the scoreboard in the 14th min. A well timed through ball was taken on by their Captain Steve Brown, who led by example by charging towards the goal, shouldering the Defence out of the way at the same time, before firing in a great cross goal shot into the bottom right corner (0-1). The No 6 then proceeded to show how much it meant to score at Villa Park, punching the air in celebration and pointing to the name on the back of his shirt!

Despite this early goal the majority of the attacking play continued to be the Home team’s as they monopolized possession. The Away side made one or two breaks but were always shut down and the pressure from the Home side paid off as a gap in the Away defence was taken advantage of by Striker Steven Howkins who was set up and charged through a gap in the Away side's defence. He went one on one with the Keeper and much the same as his opponent Brown before him; he confidently sent the ball into the bottom right corner, levelling the scores in the 19th min (1-1).

The Home team continued to look the better side and proved it soon after when a through ball into space on the left wing was collected by legend Lee Hendrie. He skilfully crossed it into the box, where it was volleyed into the back of the net by No 10 Nicholas Pinfold, putting the Home team in the lead in the 24th min (2-1).

Less than a min later the Home side pulled even further ahead after No 6 Simon Russell played a long through ball to the right wing where it was picked up by the Home Captain Dan Egan. The No 9 proceeded to put in a low pass across the face of the goal to Steven Howkins, who hammered the ball into the back of the net (just before being floored by keeper Simon McGrath!) to notch up his 2nd goal of the game (3-1).

The Home side continued to control play and put pressure on the Away defence, and they forced another mistake in the form of a mis-placed pass which was controlled by their Legend Lee Hendrie. His pass across goal was almost collected by the Simon McGrath; however the No 1 couldn't quite gather the ball due to a challenge by Howkins. The Away side cried foul, but play carried on and Striker Dan Egan skirted around the confusing mass of players and smacked the ball into the back of the net. With 28mins on the clock the Home side were now 3 goals to the good (4-1).

The Away side looked to strike back quickly but the safe hands of Home Keeper Daniel Lloyd prevented this. The Home team retaliated and a long pass up-field found legend Hendrie once again. His excellent cross into the box was only just brushed by the head of No 9 Egan and the ball trickled out. The Away team then created another chance when a through ball past the defence left 3 Away players in the clear. A goal was surely on the cards, however after No 11 Matthew Morgan carried the ball into the box and looked set to score he could only send it high and wide, before collapsing in agony at his missed opportunity.

In the spell that followed the Away side started to gain a foothold in the game and began to create more chances. However the Home side started to crank the pressure up again, retaining possession in the Away half while creating a few chances and shots on goal. The few forays the Away side made into the opposite half, however, were fruitful. The first resulted in an accurate shot and the next in a goal. A quick pass from No 9 Christopher McIvor to Legend Gareth Farrelly allowed the former Villa Midfielder to slip past the defence and fire the ball past the Keeper into the bottom right corner. The Away side were now only 2 goals behind in the 35th min (4-2).

The Away side then tried to take advantage of long passes down field which worked well for them as they created a couple of attempts on goal. Then on 39 mins a concerted attack outnumbered the Home Defence, allowing No 7 Michael Mackay into space where he slid the ball past the keeper to reduce his side's deficit to just 1 goal (4-3).

Half time arrived soon after and the Villa fans retreated off the pitch to enjoy a well earned rest, after their exertions had led to a hugely exciting half for all those fans in attendance to enjoy.

Half Time: Aston Villa Home 4 - 3 Aston Villa Away

The game resumed after some intense team discussions at half time and both sides were raring to go once again. The Away side kicked off and both sides began to push hard for a goal, going up and down the pitch very swiftly as the pace of the game picked up. The Away side were the first to slip, allowing a headed ball to be picked up in the box by Home captain Dan Egan, the Striker made no mistake, sending the ball over the Keeper from a difficult angle and while under considerable pressure from the Away defence. With 49 mins on the clock Egan doubled his goal tally for the day, putting his team further into the lead at the same time (5-3).

The Away side struck straight back however from a free kick (that was lucky not to be a penalty) just outside the box. Legend Farrelly sent the ball just over the wall to No 7 Michael Mackay who diverted the ball into the bottom left corner. The Away side were once again only a goal behind in the 51st min (5-4).

The Home side then looked to strike back but their beautifully set up long shot wasn’t quite on target. The Away side pushed straight back and a spectacular back heel flick and pass into the box allowed No 17 Dave Taylor to put the ball over the keeper and into the top left corner of the net (5-5) With 35 mins to go this incredible game was all even and looked like going either way!

Both teams seemed to up their game even more after this, as both strived for a goal to take the lead. The Home side then exhibited they were still the dominant force after a run down the left wing from No 17 Adam Tredaway allowed the Left Midfielder to set up Nicholas Pinfold who sent the ball into the bottom left corner, putting the Home side ahead again on the hour mark (6-5).

The Home side then nearly went two goals up after Away Keeper McGrath made a bit of howler. Only the left post and the work of two defenders prevented the ball from making it over the line, though it was very close. The ball stayed in the box though and the persistence of the Home side resulted in another goal from Nicholas Pinfold, who secured his hat-trick for the day and put the Home team ahead by two goals in the 64th min (7-5).

However once again though the Away side responded! A good bit of play resulted in them getting in behind the Home defence and the ever dangerous Dave Taylor took the ball into the middle of the box before sending it out wide, the resulting shot was saved well but not held by Lloyd, and when the ball found it's way back to Taylor he fired it into the roof of the net for this 2nd of the day, reducing his side's deficit to just the one goal with 68 mins gone (7-6).

After a lengthy passage of play which featured multiple chances for the Away side, it was the Home team's turn to get themselves on the scoresheet. No 17 Adam Tredaway showed great pace to run onto another long, high pass and his deft chip over the charging keeper bounced into the goal, putting his Home side 2 goals ahead again in the 75th min (8-6).

The Home side struck again soon after when a through ball to Dan Egan gave him the chance to claim his hat-trick, which he didn't squander as he put the ball into the bottom right corner. This looked like the end of the Away side’s chances as the game was now in the 78th min with the Home side three goals up (9-6).

The Away side didn’t have to wait long before extending their lead as well. Adam Tredaway beating two defenders and hitting the ball powerfully towards goal, McGrath tried to use his feet to save but he failed to keep the ball from going over the line (10-6). With four goals in hand and less than 10 mins to go it looked as though it was all over for the Away side.

However they refused to let their heads go down and struck back mins later after a corner was played to No 7 Michael Mackay, who showed great skill to beat his man and send the ball past a Defender and Keeper Danny Lloyd into the bottom right corner. With the Away side still trailing by 3 goals with only 6 mins to go; surely another comeback was beyond even them (10-7)?

The Home side were having none of it though, a through ball to Dan Egan allowed the Striker to send the ball cleanly past the Keeper from well outside the box, scoring his 4th of the day and increasing his side's lead to 4 goals at the same time with just 5 mins left (11-7). Then just to make matter worse for the Away team, the Home side scored again, and it came from the boot of Nicholas Pinfold again, who fired the ball past the Keeper after some good team play in the build up. The No 10 capping an excellent personal display by bagging his 4th goal of the game (12-7).

The game was brought to an end soon after, with both teams coming off the field to a deserved round of applause from their friends and family in the stands. The Home side coming out on top in an incredible 19 goal contest!

Full Time: Aston Villa Home 12 - 7 Aston Villa Away

Man of the Match Home: Daniel Lloyd
Man of the Match Away: Mick Haynes
Moment of the Match: Dan Egan

Home Team: Daniel Lloyd, Adam Canning, Lee Hendrie, James Close, Andrew Blocksage, Simon Russell, Darren Larvin, Daniel Close, Dan Egan (C), Nicholas Pinfold, Steven Howkins, Chris Johnson, Paul Tyack, John Shepherd, Adam Tredaway
Home Mascot: Thomas Close

Away Team: Simon McGrath, David Fahey, Gareth Farrelly, Mick Haynes, Robert Thorpe, Steve Brown (C), Michael Mackay, Roger Dale, Christopher McIvor, Darren Felsenstein, Matthew Morgan, Edward Smith, Roger Dale, Dave Taylor
Away Mascot: Daisy Haynes