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Man Utd 2010

As players started to arrive at Old Trafford there was a clear air of excitement among the loyal fans who had turned up to play in one of the most revered stadiums in the Premier League. Many pictures where taken with mascots and players in their shirts by adoring fans as they looked on. There was also a quick warm up before the main event...

Saturday 29th May 2010
Man United Home vs Man United Away
Kick Off: 14:30pm
Legend: Arthur Albiston
Match Officials: Julian Hitchcock, Jon Payne, Steve Foster and Steve Jones

The Away team kicked off the match but soon after lost possession when Arthur Albiston intercepted a missed pass. The Away team then regained possession but this was short lived as the Home team's Jason Davies made a perfectly executed slide tackle to return possession to the Home team. This was followed by a great series of passing down the left wing by the Home team and resulted in a shot on goal by Christopher Reed which just missed the left post.

The Home side kept the pressure up, making sure the ball didn't leave the Away half. Both teams remained hungry for possession as the ball changed hands time and time again with great passing on both sides. The Home side then seized their chance in the 2nd min as the ball was stolen off a throw in by Christopher Dalby who then dodged a tackle by William Armstrong-Guy and slotted the ball past Simon Phillips into the bottom left corner of the net from 5 yards out (1-0).

The Away team kicked off again, keen to equalise quickly. They nearly succeeded as they pulled off an impressive one-two pass followed by a perfect chip down field and a shot on goal from 20 yards out by Antony Turner. The Home side responded by sending the ball back towards the Away side's end, resulting in a cross into the box that was deftly caught by Away keeper Simon Phillips. The Away side then moved play back down to the Home end with a series of passes ending in the Home side's defence allowing Away captain German Sanchez-Myles to curl the ball past Home Keeper Jonathan Grinham in the 6th min (1-1).

The Away side then had another chance when Antony Turner blasted the ball from just less than 10 yards out. This was duly deflected by Brian Kennedy but resulted in an Away corner, the first of the match. This ended in yet another shot on goal and another corner which the Away team failed to capitalise on. After this near disaster the Home side responded with another goal, the ball was played in by Dave Sparkes and then slotted past the keeper into the bottom right corner by Christopher Dalby, his second goal of the match coming in the 14th min (2-1).

The game was developing into a midfield battle at this stage, with players struggling to get meaningful efforts on goal, however the Home side continued to push and some impressive passing saw them create some efforts on goal, however none of them were to get past Phillips in the Away goal. Then in the 20th minute the Away side were gifted a chance with a free kick after an accidental hand ball. This allowed Sibby Khan a chance to head the ball in but unfortunately his effort went narrowly past the left-hand post.

The next chance the Away side were given was a free kick awarded from a foul just outside the box. This was taken by Steve Forbes who skilfully curled the ball past the Home side's wall and it would have resulted in a goal had keeper Jonathan Grinham not made a superb save to keep the Home side 2-1 up. The Away side were then given another chance at goal as Sibby Khan slid the ball past the Home defence straight to captain German Sanchez-Myles who tried and failed to beat keeper Jonathan Grinham who yet again saved the Home side.

However Grinham could do nothing about the next attempt at goal when Jonathan Charnock sent the ball flying past the stunned keeper from just outside the box with an impressive first time effort in the 26th min (2-2). The delighted left midfielder then proceeded to celebrate by running around shirtless! With the game poised both sides were looking to gain the upper hand and the Home side were fortunate to escape when they provided the opposition with a chance to score from a foul just over 20 yards out 5 mins before half-time. The strike was good but the shot sailed past the left post.

Half-Time: Man United Home 2 - 2 Man United Away

With half-time gone substitutions had been made and Arthur Albiston was now representing the Away side. Both teams threw themselves back into the game with as much energy as had been exhibited in the first half. Both sides were well matched and the struggle to convert efforts on goal was still raging between defence and attack. The first real chance of the half fell to the Home side, a missed pass by the Away side led to a fantastic cross by Christopher Reed which was followed by a perfect header by the ever dangerous centre forward Christopher Dalby. But keeper Simon Phillips made a spectacular leap skywards sending the ball over the crossbar preventing the Home side from pulling ahead.

However it was the Away side that kicked of the second half goals, with midfielder Sibby Khan chipping the ball over the keeper from just inside the box in the 48th min (2-3). The Home side were not disheartened and continued to fight for an equaliser. Sadly the Away side broke them down again when second half sub and left midfielder Ryan Rivis beat the keeper and tapped the ball over the line to put the Away side two up in the 58th min. The question was, could the Home side make a comeback?

Less than two minutes later Rivis attempted another shot at goal only to be tackled by the keeper. His effort was not in vain as centre forward; Declan Brady slid the ball into the open goal giving the Away side a 3 goal lead in the 60th min (2-5). It was fast becoming one-way traffic but the Home side showed renewed vigour and were duly rewarded with a goal in the 63rd min from sub, Mark Cook who performed well under pressure from numerous defenders to notch his goal (3-5).

With this boost in morale the Home side were convinced they could stage a comeback and started to put pressure on the Away defence. However after the hour mark both sides were showing signs of fatigue and the Home side gave away another free kick less than 20 yards out. The Away team must have been tiring too as they failed to capitalise. As the game wore on, possession was very even with neither side dominating. Even so the Away side were able to increase their lead and it was another cracker of a goal, second half sub Alexis Zamboglou sending the ball soaring past the Home keeper from almost 30 yards out to restore his side's three goal lead with just over 10 mins to go (3-6).

The Home side then put the final nail in their own coffin when keeper Jonathan Grinham gave away a penalty with only minutes left on the clock, Ryan Rivis duly despatched the spot kick to round off the scoring with the 10th goal of what had been a highly enjoyable game (3-7). The full time whistle was blown soon after with both sides sportingly shaking hands and smiling from ear to ear, having thoroughly enjoyed the match despite the final scoreline.

Full-Time: Man United Home 3 - 7 Man United Away

Man of the Match (Home): Christopher Reed    
Man of the Match (Away):
Alexis Zamboglou
Moment of the Match:
Simon Phillips

Home Team: Jonathan Grinham, James McCaffrey, Arthur Albiston (1st half), Brian Kennedy, Jason Davies, James Prince, Patrick McCaffrey, Dave Sparkes, Christopher Dalby, Mike Burke, Christopher Reed, Jay Eaton, Nick Cohen, James McCaffrey & Mark Cook

Away Team: Simon Phillips, Liam Culleton, Arthur Albiston (2nd half), William Armstrong-Guy, Steve Forbes, Antony Turner, Billy Sanchez-Myles, Jonathan Charnock, German Sanchez-Myles, Sibby Khan, Declan Brady, Paul Foster, Alexis Zamboglou, Savvas Zamboglou & Ryan Rivis

Mascots: Rebekah Kennedy & James Nicholls