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Nottingham Forest 2003

Nottingham Forest Home vs Nottingham Forest Away
The City Ground 16th May 2003
KO: 15:30 pm
Legends: John McGovern & Archie Gemmill

The Nottingham Forest fans that took part in the Football Aid game at the City Ground on Friday 16 May were delighted to be playing in the presence of club heroes Archie Gemmill and John McGovern. Their presence was an extra delight to the players, judging by the number of photos that were taken and autographs that they were both signing.

The game itself was very close, with the home team having the edge throughout the game. The away team did make a comeback in the second half, but the game ended 5-4 with the home team still clinging to the lead. It was an exciting game that saw some good skill and a great amount of energy and enthusiasm, particularly due to the wet weather, making conditions on the pitch quite slippy!

David Baker, won man of the match for the home team for his great saves as goalkeeper. Sian Clarke, or “Clint”, as he was christened by John McGovern (because his shirt had no name!), won man of the match for the away team.