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Over £5,000 has been awarded to Saints in the Community over the last two years to help deliver a 7-week coaching programme in local schools and also a 3 day holiday course for children in an economically deprived area of Southampton. Mark Abrahams, Head of Community explained the reasoning behind the coaching programme, “Sport is seen as a powerful tool to improve young peoples’ live skills and confidence. The programme encouraged children especially girls to enjoy the benefits of playing football, which increases healthy activity and social skills which we believe are essential skills in later life.”

In 2002, Wessex Heartbeat, part of the Wessex Cardiac Trust, received £1,441 from Field of Dreams to produce a Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Advice Book which is issued to over 1,000 people annually who have undergone cardiac surgery. Mr Alan Blair, Chief Executive of the Cardiac Trust thanked Football Aid and Field of Dreams for the donation, “The booklet gives an improved source of lifestyle information for people recovering from cardiac surgery. We are getting very positive feedback from the patients and other health professionals and it helps to ensure they do not need further treatment.”

Finally, the Rose Road Association were delighted to accept a donation of £919 from Field of Dreams as a result of the first ever Football Aid games played at St Mary’s. The Rose Road Association has operated in the South Hampshire area since 1952, and has a sound reputation for its quality services for children and young adults with profound and multiple disabilities.

January 2010 Update - The club nominated their 2008 match funds to go to the Saints in the Community, who reach out to over 130,000 young people each year, using the power of football to capture the imagination of the community.

"Saints in the Community sees Football Aid as a partnership which is a great opportunity for football fans as well as offering a funding stream to the Community Trust."