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In 2003, Liverpool Football in the Community trust were delighted to receive a grant of £14,052 towards a football coaching programme for children in Toxteth. The aim of the project was to enhance the education and well being of children and help integrate the many ethnic groupings in the area. Coaching was provided irrespective of creed, ethnic origin, gender and ability with an emphasis on exercise, fun and enjoyment whilst promoting key messages of anti racism and anti bigotry language, values and behaviour.

In addition, a further £24,716 will shortly be awarded to a charity of Liverpool FC’s choice as a result of the 2005 and 2006 games at Anfield.


Out of funds from several years’ games, Liverpool asked for £40,000 of their grants to go to the Liverpool Film Academy Educational Trust. The grant was used to produce a film called Colour Blind. The project was inspired by the tragic death of Anthony Walker, a young Liverpool student who was murdered due to the colour of his skin. The film was directed by Lenny Henry and used comedy to tackle the racial-hatred issue.

Victor Freeman at the Trust on receiving the grant wrote “A huge thank you to Field of Dreams for providing us with the means to complete a massively significant project for our charitable trust. We will always be grateful to Brian Hall at Liverpool Football Club for his support and assistance.”