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Football Aid 2014 - Goal of the Season Competition

Sit back and enjoy the fantastic contenders for the Football Aid 2014 - Goal of the Season competition... 

...and don’t forget to check out the other compilations in our Videos section and on our YouTube channel as well (Note: if the above Video doesn't play you can watch it here).

With all the contenders analysed and the competition entries checked, we’re able to announce the results of the Football Aid 2014 - Goal of the Season competition.

The winning goals, chosen by expert judge Pat Nevin are listed in reverse order below (with Pat's comments in quotes) - 

5th: Goal I - England vs Italy - Dave Wilkinson
"Excellent team play, first a fine one-two. Then a brilliant flick through with the outside of his boot to the striker Dave Wilkinson, who also appears to use the outside of his right boot to leave the keeper with no chance. Technically superb."

4th: Goal C - Birmingham City - Dave Taylor
"Very tough in the best chip/lob category, as there were so many. Goal Q by Tom Shiers at Forest came close but Dave Taylor pips it with this exquisite chip. The build-up might not have been great, but in the replay, look how many times he checks the keeper before doing exactly what he wants with it."

3rd: Goal G - Charlton Athletic - Joe Venes
"In the best strike category it was again a close run thing between two. Unlucky for Boro Badger with Goal O, because his monumental effort is just pipped by Joe Venes. This is seriously travelling when it hits the back of the net. I do not think there are many pro keepers out there that would have got near that one. You are allowed to say ‘Get in There’ as it hits the net for these ones."

2nd: Goal A - Arsenal - Dave Taylor
"It could only be Arsenal. Mimicking the first team perfectly; Cazorla, Sanchez, Wislhere and Co would have been proud of this. Neat passing, great skill, superb vision and a finish that was pure class. Worthy of the greats. Very, very unlucky not to win!"

Winner: Goal J - England vs Italy - Paul Short
"I could watch this all day long. Is it Cantona, Van Basten, Balotelli, Bergkamp or any number of the great strikers? This would grace any game of football at any level. In the category of best skill, only goal R by Ryan Sheward comes close, but this is the one for me this season. Stick it on Match of the Day with a bigger crowd sound and nobody would see it as anything other than the work of a top international player. Magnificent and deserving of this year’s Goal of the Season."

Football Aid would like to send our hearty congratulations to Goal of the Season 2014 winner Paul Short, his spectacular volley at Upton Park was a thoroughly deservedly winner, despite the number of other excellent contenders this season. Paul wins himself a special Goal of the Season trophy and he'll be presented with this soon to celebrate his outstanding achievement. 

The winner of our prediction competition was Mark Beare, who wins a free position in our Football Aid 2015 games. Mark's already playing in our Norwich City game so now has the problem of having to choose another game to play in! 

We’d like to say a massive thanks to everybody who entered the competition and huge congratulations again to all of our tremendous finalists for providing us with such a fantastic standard of goals to choose from.

Goal of the Season 2014 Finalists

A - Arsenal - Dave Taylor
B - Aston Villa (G1) - Matthew Botley
C - Birmingham City - Dave Taylor
D - Blackpool - Jason Guy
E - Burnley - Ashley Bick
F - Celtic (G2) - John Adderley
G - Charlton Athletic - Joe Venes
H - Derby County - Dave Taylor
I - England vs Italy - Dave Wilkinson
J - England vs Italy - Paul Short
K - Liverpool (G1) - Bhurinder Bhangoo
L - Liverpool (G2) - Mark Woof
M - Manchester City - Asa McKenzie
N - Manchester United - Wayne Richardson
O - Middlesbrough - Boro Badger
P - Norwich City - Simon Baillie
Q - Nottingham Forest - Thomas Shiers
R - Queens Park Rangers (G2) - Ryan Sheward
S - Rangers - Ross Stirling
T - Scotland International - Dave Buglass
U - Sheffield Wednesday - Danny Howson
V - Stoke City - Lee Waterfall
W - Stoke City - Steven Roberts
X - Tottenham Hotspur (G2) - John O'Hara
Y - West Bromwich Albion - Lee Blake

All the footage for the competition was generously edited and provided by our official matchday DVD providers Chillpics. Official matchday DVDs of all our season 2014 games can still be ordered by calling Shane on tel - 07976 509335 or 07901 590723 or by e-mailing - or image